12 bad behaviors that parents do that harm children in the long run

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Although we do not realize it, we cannot protect our children from everything and make them strong by pushing them to depend on themselves to do everything. So we have to strike a balance when it comes to parenting, and it’s not as easy as it may seem.

In his report published on “Awareness Act“, the writer Gerald Sinclar said there was no guide will teach you all about education, as both of us doing things in his own way.

On the other hand, some behaviors may be very harmful if they are repeated for successive years. Therefore, make sure that you care about your children and help them advance in life.

1. Do everything for them
We may want to get some things done for our children, but we don’t need to do everything for them. Instead, they should try some things on their own without forgetting to observe them.

2. Asking them to accomplish many tasks
The writer made it clear that your children are not yours. So you have to let them enjoy their childhood now and then, and give them breaks.

3. Allow them to sit in front of a screen all day
Allowing children to spend most of their time on the Internet is not a good option, given that they need to spend time away from the TV, phone, and computer.

The more you try to communicate with them in other ways, the better they will feel overall. And although kids should spend time with technology, they don’t need to do it 24/7.

4. Inflate things because of unimportant details
Sure, we might feel frustrated sometimes. On the other hand, you should not direct this feeling towards your children, as small details will not be important later, so be sure to choose the appropriate time and reason for discussion.

5. Not to assign children to any housework at all
Even though children refuse to complete household chores most of the time, they need to be assigned some tasks. We don’t need to impose on them a long list of chores that must be completed, but rather they can be satisfied with arranging their brushes, which will help them assume responsibility.

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A long list of chores should not be imposed on your child and required to finish it (Pixabay)

6. Do not allow them to feel pain
Your children do not need to lead a miserable life, but they need to experience their negative emotions. And if something is hurting them, sit down and talk to them. If you protect them from pain throughout their lives, it will be difficult for them to accept that feeling later as they get older.

7. Praise them when they achieve a great achievement
Your children deserve credit and appreciation for their efforts. For example, failing to get very good on the test does not mean that they did not persevere or study hard. So it would be best if you let them know that doing their best is good enough achievement. Also, try to keep your expectations realistic when it comes to your children.

8. Not to allow them to act on their nature
The author pointed out that your children are not a miniature version of you. So, let them express themselves and try to discover their personality. Nor do they have to be what you want them to be, but rather they should follow their intuitions and desires.

Your children will experience some different feelings so you should not tell them that their feelings are wrong

9. Frighten them to make them do what you always wanted
You cannot use intimidation to control your kids all the time. And although you may need to scare them sometimes, they actually need to be taught how to respect you to get the things you ask of them. In fact, intimidation is not a good way to get things done because it will ruin your relationship with them as they get older.

10. Do not be the father who does not want his child to be angry
Your kids don’t have to be your best friend, because if you treat them like that all the time, they won’t respect you as they should.

adult children
You don’t have to be friends with your kids (Pixabay)

11. Underestimating their emotions
Your children will experience some different feelings, so you should not tell them that their feelings are wrong, but rather help them understand things in a better way by talking about it.

12. Not spending enough time with your children
Your kids need you. While you believe that overworking to ensure their comfort is the best way to support them, you also need to make time for them. In fact, your children want you to always be by their side and spend your days off with them instead of working overtime. And in case you have to work overtime, don’t forget to spend time with them whenever you are at home.

Source : American Press

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