1.6 TB of photos and videos from a paid British adult site leaked to the Network

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A 1.6 TB archive with candid photos and videos from the OnlyFans website has proven to be in the public domain on the Internet. It is reported by The Verge.

OnlyFans is a UK service that allows bloggers to publish user-accessible content only after a paid subscription. The service is aimed primarily at sex workers and those who are ready to publish explicit content writes The Journal.

Representatives from OnlyFans said the scan found no signs of a site being hacked and suggested that the archives were compiled from open access files, including content posted on social media. In particular, OnlyFans documents have been downloaded by site subscribers.

The archive mainly includes files published on OnlyFans by girls who can be identified by nicknames listed on the site. This leak was the subject of an active discussion on Twitter – the content authors complain that the distribution of paid content violates the rights of the authors and can become a reason to go to court.

The Verge notes that this story casts doubt on the reliability of OnlyFans in terms of protecting content protected against unauthorized distribution: judging by the extent of the leak, the files hosted on OnlyFans are not difficult to download with paid access. Other services face similar issues – to help prevent content theft, they block the ability to take screenshots and record videos from the screen, as well as take other measures.