10 Best Global Brands 2019

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The corporate brand can be a factor in its success, especially as it influences consumer purchasing decisions, and Interbrand has published its annual report for 2019, which ranks companies in terms of brand value “Best Global Brands 2019”.

The report has shown many surprises, namely the lack of Facebook on the list of the top 10 brands in the world, and the value of the Toyota brand is more expensive than Mercedes.

In its assessment, the company relied on three factors: the quality of the brand image in the world, the value that the brand itself adds to the company, and the plans in place for the company. future development of the brand.

Subsequently, the total financial return of the brand was calculated on the investors or the company’s economic profits, as well as on the brand’s ability to build consumer loyalty, thus ensuring sustainable demand and profitability for the brand. to come up.

Apple, Google, and Amazon technology companies topped the list, while other brands such as Spotify and Harley-Davidson were less favorable to consumers.

The value of the Facebook brand is down from 10th place last year to the 14th this year, while the Nike sportswear company ranked 16th.

The US brand Apple ranks first among the best brands at $ 234.2 million, while Google ranks second at $ 167.7 million, followed by Amazon at $ 125 million.

Microsoft ranked fourth with a brand value of $ 108.8 million, followed by Coca-Cola with $ 63.4 million and Samsung with $ 61 million.

Toyota ranked seventh at $ 56.2 million, Mercedes at $ 50.8 million, McDonald’s ninth at $ 44.53 million, and Disney ranked tenth at $ 44.3 million.