10 relaxing games available exclusively on Apple Arcade

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Apple Arcade – which will cost you $ 4.99 a month with the possibility of a full month of free, contains a program of more than 100 new and exclusive games, with the addition of new games all the time. Games are available on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TV.

Here are 10 games on Apple Arcade that help you relax and relieve the stress of a long day’s work:

1- Patterned:

Patterned is a distinctive puzzle game that takes you into a fun experience of smooth and repetitive shapes, all you have to do is choose a puzzle or a pattern to complete, and each pattern starts as a black and white drawing. Each shape is part of artistic design. You must use visual guides to reassemble the scattered pieces piece by piece. When you drop a piece in the right place it will change color. When you place the last piece of the shape, the design fills the entire screen with its color.

The game features up to 150 beautifully designed handcrafted by artists from around the world, beautiful colors, and gentle soundtrack making it a relaxing game.

2- Assemble with Care:

In this game you play the role of Maria, who works as a restorer of antiques, and arrived in the city of Bellariva during its international trips, and while abroad, help the town’s residents to save their property. It identifies people with problems and looks for ways to solve them as well.

3- Tint:

The tint is a design-based game where you progress by blending watercolors to match the creations of the origami art of color folding, the game includes 50 levels, and each level can often be passed in multiple ways.

4- Where Cards Fall:

This game falls under the category of puzzle games and relies on narrative to solve puzzles and build houses of cards, which includes more than 50 difficult spatial puzzles, and requires the game practice of imagination skills and strategic thinking to reach solutions.

5- Projection First Light:

A 2D adventure game, featuring light control to solve puzzles, the game revolves around a character named Greta, who is on a journey of self-discovery after a problem, following a glowing butterfly outside her room and going out to different places in the world. The game is divided into chapters indicating greater challenges, and you can use a small light source to cast shadows and help Greta move. The game takes you on an all-encompassing journey through the history of shadow puppets as it develops across different regions of the world, including Indonesia, China, Turkey, and England in the 19th century.

6- Lifelike Chapter One:

Lifelike is designed for all ages and offers you a quiet gaming experience by focusing on mysterious amoebic objects, and if you like watching old animations on Windows Media Player, you might like this game. There are no levels to play, no points system, and whenever you interact with creatures you see new events in the game, and enjoying the movements of objects provides you with a very calming gaming experience where you will become part of this world.

7- Possessions:

Possessions is a three-dimensional mini-puzzler that revolves around perspective awareness and spatial awareness. In this game, you must simply rotate the room to change perspective, and see things in their correct places. Each level is a bit more difficult, as you have to arrange more things. The flowers need help to reach the vases, and the ropes must be connected to the wall, all while you learn about the story of a family living in the house. The game also supports augmented reality mode that lets you experience it in the real world where you can solve levels by navigating around rooms.

8- The Enchanted World:

This game is about a magical world destroyed by the forces of evil, where there is a little fairy you must help her on a journey to repair and heal what has been damaged, by solving puzzles. The game offers you 9 completely different worlds, to solve more than 30 puzzles.

9- Spek:

Spek is a puzzle game with a perspective where you can point a point through a simple world and assemble the parts of the shapes, walking on a straight line and avoiding obstacles, a puzzle that requires some strategy. If you wrap the puzzle in a certain way, it may be divided into three shapes, and clicking may reverse the point. You’ll also be transported through colorful environments filled with puzzles that will make you think in new ways. Each level becomes a bit harder, with obstacles to adjusting the shape or probability of rotation. But it is not difficult at first, puzzles are solved on quiet music, and the more advanced the music becomes more enthusiastic.

10.Word Laces:

Word Laces is suitable for fans of Word puzzle, and if you have children it is a fun way for him to learn new words. Use the image to find the meaning of the puzzle, tie the scattered letters together to form the word, and win shoes. If you combine all the words, your trophy shoe changes the background color of the game and the type of laces you use in spelling challenges. The game has more than 1000 puzzles, and puzzles change by changing your calendar around the world whether it is: Thanksgiving, Ramadan, Halloween, your birthday, etc.

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