10 tips for avoiding the influenza in the fall

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The symptoms of influenza infection are similar to the symptoms of the Coronavirus. With the change of weather and the onset of autumn, many people are exposed to influenza every year during this period of the year.

The Turkish doctor, Mehmed Caksherli, provides 10 medical advice to avoid catching the flu in the fall with the cold weather and light of Corona’s spread.

“Influenza is an infectious disease caused by viruses, and its symptoms may be mild or strong. It starts after two days of exposure to the virus and lasts from one to two weeks, depending on the severity of the infection,” Jaqsherly said.

He added, “These symptoms may intensify in smokers and alcohol drinkers, and in people who have respiratory diseases, and this disease (infection) is spread through the air from coughing or sneezing, or by touching objects contaminated with the virus, and then touching the mouth or eyes.”

Jagsherli points out that the symptoms of influenza:

1- Fever.

2- Shivering.

3- Cough.

4- Nasal congestion.

5- muscle pain.

6- Headache.

7- Sneezing.

8- Runny nose.

9- Fatigue.

10- Vomiting.

11- Tears runny.

influenza symptoms

He also confirms that “this virus has symptoms similar to those of the Coronavirus; for this reason, some people who show these symptoms may experience developmental disorders because they believe that they are infected with the Coronavirus.”

However, the symptoms of influenza may vary and vary from person to person. The person may already be infected with corona, so these previous symptoms are general and for guidance. They are not a substitute for consulting a doctor; if you suspect that you have corona, see a doctor immediately.

On the other hand, the graphic below shows 9 of the most prominent Coronavirus symptoms, and to find out a detailed list of symptoms of Corona infection, click on this link.

To prevent influenza and not to mix it with the Coronavirus, the following steps must be taken, especially with the cold weather and the entry of the flu season, according to Jaqsherly, offering 10 tips as follows:

1- Wearing masks in public places continuously, leaving the house, and not going out except for necessity.

2- Washing hands with soap and water for a period of not less than 20 seconds, in a manner that includes all areas of the hand, and adhering to continuous sterilization.

3- Staying away from people who have flu symptoms and maintaining social distance.

4- Staying away from crowded and closed places during this period to prevent the presence of influenza or Corona infections.

5- Individuals who feel symptoms of the common cold must be committed at home until their safety is confirmed.

6- Receiving the influenza vaccine to provide more protection, prevention, and immunity to the body.

7- Avoid the vagaries of weather and exposure to cold air; exposure of the body to cold weather causes it to be weak in front of influenza viruses.

8- Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin “C”; Because it provides more immunity to the body.

9 – For influenza treatment, if you feel infected, you must rest and stick to the house, increase the intake of fluids such as water and hot drinks, and refrain from smoking.

10- In general, the drug “Paracetamol” can be taken to reduce the fever in case of feeling sick with influenza. But if the situation does not improve or the person already has other diseases, then a doctor should be visited.

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