A day after his departure…Ronaldinho provokes Ramos and the latter responds

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Brazilian Ronaldinho, the former Barcelona star, provoked his counterpart in Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, who announced his departure from his team for sixteen years last Thursday before the latter responded.

Ramos had announced his departure from Real Madrid after 16 years in the team during a press conference last Thursday, in which he revealed his acceptance of the offer made by the administration, but the latter withdrew the offer after the defender was late in responding.

In a post on his personal account on Twitter, Ronaldinho put a picture of him next to Ramos during a previous meeting that brought them together in the Spanish League, commenting: “Hay Sergio Ramos you remember this night?” In an attempt to provoke him to his former rival.

Ramos responded to the Brazilian “magician”, attaching another picture of Real Madrid’s celebrations in the league and commented, “I do…but a few months later that was way better.”

Ronaldinho provokes Ramos
According to the picture published by Ronaldinho, Barcelona in that season failed to win against Real Madrid after the end of the first leg match with two goals without a response for the royal team, scored by Raul and Nistelrooy, and Ramos made one of the two goals, while the return match ended with three goals for the same, Messi scored at the time, “A hat-trick and on the other end Ramos scored The third goal.

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