Players choose the best between Messi and Ronaldo

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A decade ago, the controversy between the fans of the witch round about the best between the two Argentine stars, Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, did not stop, but what is the opinion of 12 stars who played next to the two and got to know them closely through their participation in playing in one team?

Luis de Sousa – Deco
He played in the midfield alongside Messi during the beginnings of the Argentine star in Barcelona ​​and also played with Ronaldo in the Portuguese national team.

Deco tried to avoid choosing one of them by saying they were the greatest in football but preferred Ronaldinho, who also played next to him in Barcelona, ​​to everyone.

Angel de Maria
The Paris Saint-Germain winger played with Ronaldo at Real Madrid, where he won the European Champions League title in 2014, and Messi in the Argentine national team.

Di Maria underscored that Messi is undoubtedly the best in the world. He said, “When I become old, I will tell my grandchildren with bedtime stories about the time I won the Champions League, and I hope to win the World Cup to join my stories, but most of all I will tell them that Their grandfather was playing with Lionel Messi. ”

Paulo Dybala
Dybala, Ronaldo’s colleague in Juventus and the companion of Messi in the Argentine team, refused to prefer one to the other, and responded diplomatically, saying, “It is impossible to make a comparison between them or say who is the best … They are equal with each other, but they have been ahead of everyone for several years.”

Gabriel Heinze
The Argentine left-back played with Ronaldo in Manchester United and with Messi in his national team, and in 2016 he indicated his admiration for his fellow citizens from all sides, especially his calm life, but stressed that the Portuguese star is the best from his point of view.

Ezekiel Gray
Gray preferred his colleague in the Argentine national team, Messi, over Ronaldo, who has played with him for only two years at Real Madrid. His unlimited performance still amazes me. ”

Gonzalo Higuaín
He currently plays alongside Ronaldo in Juventus, as he played with him in Real Madrid for several years as well, alongside Messi, the Argentine national team shirt, and is considered one of the most knowledgeable and close to the two stars, so he did not decide the advantage of one over the other.

Between Messi and Ronaldo, the statistics speak

“I had enjoyed playing alongside Ronaldo before (at Real Madrid), and I’m glad we got back together (at Juventus),” Higuain said.

But he considered playing next to Messi an honor, and said, “Whenever (Messi) gets the ball, you stand on your toes because you know that at any moment he can give you a great ball, and he does things that the attacker can expect, but the defender cannot.”

Fernando Gago
Gago preferred his Argentine teammate to Ronaldo, with whom he played only two seasons at Real Madrid, and said, “I love the way he (Messi) plays … he is better than I have seen him in my life.”

Andrés Gómez
The Everton midfielder who played for two seasons next to Messi in Barcelona and played years with Ronaldo in the Portuguese national team refused to favor one over the other, merely praising them by saying about the Don. “.

“Everyone knows that Messi is extraordinary… He does things that you cannot explain because he can invent something new every day,” he said of the Barcelona captain.

Henrik Larsson
The Swedish legend won the Champions League with Barcelona when Messi was in its infancy during the 2005-2006 season and participated in 13 games alongside Ronaldo during his loan period to Manchester United in 2007.

Larson took advantage of Messi, saying that “Cristiano is unlucky because he coincided with Messi … he is an excellent player, but Messi is better … he is out of this world.”

Gerard Piqué
The Spanish defender played with Ronaldo early in his career with Manchester United, who joined him in 2004, but his presence in Old Trafford lasted only two seasons. He was loaned to Zaragoza before Messi joined from 2008 until now in Barcelona.

Ronaldo defeats Messi at his home

Of course, Pique chose his current colleague and friend in Barcelona and said that “Cristiano is a hardworking player who always wants to improve… I always say that Messi has some talent that no one has … It seems to me that he is not a human being, but (Ronaldo) is the best human.”


Nélson Semedo
Semedo accompanied his colleague Messi in Barcelona’s victory in La Liga in the last two seasons. He also succeeded in crowning the European Champions League title with Portugal and captain Ronaldo, so he avoided favoring one over the other.

Carlos Tevez
Tevez Ronaldo has been involved in Manchester United for some years, loaded with tournaments. Still, Messi has accompanied for years longer in Argentina’s national teams and preferred to get out of a dilemma, preferring one of them by indicating that Don is his biggest concern is training either on the field or the gym. Simultaneously, the flea differs from that in terms of It is normal to score three goals at any time of the game.

The result seems settled by the opinions of 12 players in favor of the Argentine star, as six of them preferred not to be decisive between the two stars, five players preferred Messi, and only one player preferred Ronaldo. The arc has remained open for comparisons between the two best phenomena globally for at least the last decade.