Moncef Slaoui: “My political affinities are absolutely not linked to the current administration”

Slaoui, when Trump was presented at the head of the committee in charge of researching the Covid 19 vaccine

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Guest Monday evening of BFMTV in the show 22h Max, the specialist in immunology and molecular biology, who directs Operation Warp Speed ​​for the production of an anti-Covid vaccine in the USA, Moncef Slaoui, or the vaccine mister of the White House, not to say, Donald Trump, was inducted by the latter precisely last May. As head of Operation Warp Speed, his mission was to coordinate the entire vaccine operation in the United States, from vaccine discovery to development, through to their approval and implementation.

His challenge then? Find a vaccine as soon as possible in the United States, severely hit by the epidemic with 12.4 million people affected and more than 257,000 dead. Moncef Slaoui said that the results of clinical tests are satisfactory and that the vaccination campaign will primarily concern centers for the elderly and the medical profession. “On December 11, we hope that the drug committee in the United States, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will review the entire registration dossier for Pfizer’s vaccine and possibly approve it. So 24 hours later, the first people will be vaccinated”, he added.

Then clarifying his thoughts, the head of Operation Warp Speed ​​declared, “About twenty million doses will be ready to vaccinate about twenty million people, the people most at risk will be vaccinated first, namely, people. elderly people in nursing homes ”and those“ working in the hospital and health sector, ”he said. The authorities train, every Friday, in a quasi-military manner, concerning the future distribution of the vaccine in all states, said the Belgian-American-Moroccan researcher. ” It’s down to the minute; all the details are reviewed, ” he said. ” We have the support of the military, which is doing a wonderful job, and we repeat the probable scenarios every week, refining them each time, ”he said. Regarding a certain eagerness from Donald Trump to vaccinate the American population as quickly as possible, Moncef Slaoui wanted reassuring. ” The vaccine will arrive when it arrives; it is the science which directs, it is not Donald Trump “, he assured.

Moncef Slaoui, who, with 30 years of career in the pharmaceutical industry, has a remarkable track record with 14 vaccines to his credit and a research center in his name. Donald Trump called him during his electoral campaign to entrust him with a particular mission. He said, ” my political affinities are absolutely not linked to the current administration, so it is not by the alignment that I accepted this mission, we are focused on the vaccine “. And dot the i’s, ” I have thirty years of experience in the field of vaccination, and therefore it is an experience that I had to put at the service of humanity, I gave up everything to carry out this mission. Once we have enough vaccines, I will go back to my private life ”. As for the United States’ current situation, he has indicated that he wishes to vaccinate the first Americans from the end of 2020. The American population is fully vaccinated around the sixth or seventh month of the year 2021.