17 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the star most famous in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Prince of Merciful Hearts ... 17 reasons that made him the most popular star in the world

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It’s no coincidence that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has set an all-time high for any sports hero, reaching half a billion followers on social media, but there are many reasons that have elevated his worldwide popularity to this superstitious degree.

We observe 17 reasons behind Ronaldo’s overwhelming popularity, most of which are purely humanitarian, as the Portuguese star does a lot of charitable work, but some of them are unique in the sports community, which rightly makes him the one of the most compassionate hearts. in all sports, and the reasons are:

1- The popularity of United, Real and Juventus:

Ronaldo has had the opportunity to wear the jerseys of 3 of the world’s biggest and most popular European teams, right from his debut at Britain’s most popular Manchester United, in addition to his abundant balance in the hearts of football fans globally.

Don’s popularity doubled in 2009 when he moved with a record-breaking contract at the time to Real Madrid, which is almost the most popular in the world, and although Juventus are not as popular as the royal, when Ronaldo joined him in 2018, he had reached the point that he was the one who made the popularity of the jersey he wears, In addition, the team monopolized the Italian league for almost a decade.

2- Continuing to shine for 15 years:

despite having completed his 36th year previously, Ronaldo still retains his shine and has scored in the net for over 15 years, but has recently become the historic goalscorer in world football, surpassing previous and current legends such as Brazilian Pelé and Argentinian Lionel Messi.

3- Faithful and has not forgotten his origin:

Despite the overwhelming fame and wealth that exceeded $ 1 billion, Ronaldo did not forget his origin when he was poor, and he was not ashamed to talk about his departure as a 12-year-old at a McDonald’s restaurant in side of the Portuguese Sporting Club stadium in order to eat the leftover food of customers because he did not have enough money to buy the food he needs.

Last year he announced on a popular UK TV program that he was looking for a woman who was sympathetic to him and had bought him food during this miserable time of his life, in order to return the favor.

This humility of a big star who was the first to surpass his billion dollar fortune among footballers, has made him appreciate even those who do not support football, has doubled his status with his fans and has also doubled its growing popularity.

4- Compliment the infiltration and the other stars:

Ronaldo is keen on a few simple financial touches, but it’s important for morale as it has doubled fans’ love for him and expanded his popularity even further, including his compliment from some obscure players or prominent stars in the less popular leagues, where he sent his jersey to an amateur player in Italy who scored a similar goal for the double kick in which he scored his historic goal in the Real Madrid jersey against Juventus.

He doesn’t hesitate to interact with any player who imitates him or scores a goal similar to one of his goals, even if in the amateur leagues.

And his last touch, unique to other big stars, is to send his jersey at the beginning of the year to the Syrian striker Omar Al-Somah – the target of the Saudi club of Al-Ahly – who in turn thanked the Portuguese star, pointing out that he is her idol in a music video he posted to his account via Instagram.

5- His friendship with Arab and Muslim stars:

Ronaldo maintains many friendships with Arab and Islamic sports stars, including mixed martial sports champion Habib Nour Mamedov and Moroccan kickboxing champion Badr Hari.

The agent of the Moroccan player residing in Spain, Anis Oseve, was the main reason for Ronaldo’s multiple relationships with the Arab stars, due to their close friendship since the Don was staying in the Spanish capital Madrid, but that was the reason of the many visits of the Portuguese star to Morocco and his construction of a luxury hotel in Marrakech.

6- Defend on his fans:

Ronaldo stands out by failing to respond to the vast majority of supporters who walk through security barriers at stadiums to greet him closely or kiss him, but instead defends them from the brutality of security guards at times.

Cameras monitored numerous situations in which Ronaldo saved fans from the harsh manipulation of the security men when those fans tried to infiltrate the stadium, and he was eager to constantly interact with the fans inside. of the stadiums, and he often stayed to throw his jersey to the crowds, sign and take pictures with them.

7- Sell your golden shoes:

Ronaldo is deservedly the most prominent sports star in charity work, as he preferred to sell the European Golden Boot, which he won in 2011 after scoring 40 goals for Real Madrid for charity. , and it was sold to a charity auction for a whopping $ 1.6 million, intended to build a number of schools in Gaza, which is one of the humanitarian gestures that raised its shares with the speed of a missile in the Arab world sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, especially the besieged Gaza Strip.

8- A second donation of the Golden Ball:

Don reiterated the Ballon d’Or donation in 2017 when the world prize he won in 2013 was sold at a charity auction in London, around $ 700,000 allocated to children suffering from difficult conditions that threaten their lives.

9- Its support for the children of Syria:

Despite his association with his club and the national team, Ronaldo is an ambassador for three major international charities, and in his speech winning the Ballon d’Or in 2014, he referred to a group of children – suffering from leukemia – whom he met.

In 2016, he recorded a message to children affected by the Syrian conflict, describing them as “real heroes” and saying: “I am with you”. He also made a secret donation which he asked Save the Children not to disclose.

10- He donated to Portuguese hospitals:

and Ronaldo’s charitable work has multiplied in his hometown, where he cooperated with his agent, Jorge Mendes, last March to donate around $ 1.3 million to hospitals in Portugal to fight the coronavirus pandemic by providing beds and ventilators to cope with the large number of patients suffering from Coronavirus infection.

Daniel Ferro, president of the Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon, revealed this charitable work saying: “Jorge Mendes, who volunteered with Cristiano Ronaldo to fund two intensive care units for critically ill patients equipped with all modern equipment to provide care to Covid-19 patients, “revealed.

He also made a donation to the hospital where his mother, Dolores Aveiro, was treated for breast cancer in 2007, for approximately $ 160,000.

11- Give bonuses:

Ronaldo was also very generous in giving up the money for his outstanding performance on the pitch: in 2013 he donated the award for his selection to the UEFA squad of 100,000 euros to the Cross -Red.

A year later, the Portuguese star led Real Madrid to win the tenth European Champions League title, and donated the winning bonus of $ 590,000 to the charities for which he works as an ambassador, namely : United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Vision and Save the Children.

12- Donating blood:

Ronaldo is keen to donate blood regularly, and he has participated in many campaigns to encourage others to do the same, and this is the secret of not drawing any tattoos on his body.

Ronaldo said in 2015, “We can all make a difference by donating blood. Each donation can benefit 3 people in emergencies and long-term medical treatments, which is why I am passionate about encouraging people around the world to donate blood for life and help save lives.”

13- Donation for the Nepal earthquake:

Ronaldo donated again a huge sum of money in 2015 to relief efforts after the Nepal earthquake in April 2015, when the disaster killed 9,000 people, injured nearly 22,000 others, and countless damage.

14- Calling the orphan cheerleader:

Ronaldo did not hesitate to invite the Lebanese child Haider, who supports Real Madrid and whose parents were killed in a suicide attack, to visit the club’s headquarters in the capital, Madrid, and he documented this with a touching video clip of Ronaldo embracing the little boy who cried over joy in meeting his favorite star.

15- Human touches:

Ronaldo is keen to help his fans, as in 2009 he learned that a 9-year-old boy was suffering from cancer, so he sent a driver to bring the child’s family to the hotel where the Real Madrid team was staying, and invited them to watch one of the royal matches in the Santiago Bernabeu, and gave the child his shirt after the match.

Don did not abandon the child, as he sent him at his own expense to receive experimental treatment in the United States, and he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment at a private medical center until the child died in March 2013.

16- Helping a sick baby:

In 2014, he responded to a request from 10-month-old Eric Ortiz Cruz’s mother to donate his shirt to a child with Cortical dyspalasia – a rare disease that causes 30 epileptic seizures per day – and not only did that, but Ronaldo paid $ 72,000 for surgery. Primary brain function of the infant, with his commitment to cover all costs of his treatment.

17- Calling Rexen:

After the legend of Rangers, the Dutch international player Fernando Rixen, was infected with a rare neurological disease in 2013, he made him sit in a wheelchair until his death in 2019, and when Ronaldo learned in 2016, he invited Rexen and his family to attend a match in the Santiago Bernabeu, and after the match he gave him his shirt.

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