Apple security chief accused of bribing Californian officials with iPads

Photo | Pixabay

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A jury in California has indicted Apple security chief Thomas Moyer to bribe Santa Clara County officials. This was reported in the district attorney’s office. Also, charges in the case were brought against two sheriff’s deputies.

According to The Verge, Moyer is accused of offering 200 iPads worth approximately $ 70,000 to two county sheriff’s office employees, who were demanding a reward for issuing four Covert Weapon Licenses (CCW) to Moyer’s subordinates. In California, sheriff’s offices decide to issue CCWs if there is a valid reason.

The prosecutor’s office clarified that the investigation of this case lasted two years. The report also says that the sheriff’s deputies agreed to exchange and issued licenses but did not receive the tablets because they learned about a search warrant in the sheriff’s office and the seizure of all records issued by CCW, writes TJournal.

In an email to The Verge, Moyer’s attorney Ed Swanson stated that his client was innocent. According to the lawyer, Moyer got into the millstones of the conflict between the sheriff’s office and the Santa Clara County prosecutor’s office. “We have no doubts that he will be acquitted in court,” the lawyer stressed.

Moyer worked at Apple for 15 years and became the company’s head of security in November 2018. Shortly thereafter, he cautioned employees against disclosing information about the company’s operations in an internal letter. He noted that this could become a stain on the reputation and a reason for criminal prosecution.

An Apple spokesman told Bloomberg that the company had conducted an internal investigation into the story but found no evidence of Moyer’s guilt.