Very bad news if you use contactless payment!

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The French are more and more fond of contactless payment . Since his arrival a few years ago, our checkouts are constantly punctuated by shrill “beeps”. Both quick and easy to use , it has revolutionized the lives of consumers. Initially limited to a maximum of 20 euros per payment, its amount has increased considerably since its inception. However, this new means of payment involves risks. Indeed, scams are becoming more and more numerous because ease does not necessarily rhyme with security.

The advantages of contactless payment
Today the electronics market is booming. And technological advancements make our lives easier and allow us to optimize our time. This has been the case with contactless payment which, since its inception, has reduced the number of daily gestures. 20% of purchases are made with contactless.

Initially available only on the credit card, we can now use it from our smartphones and connected watches. But this progress is not without consequences and more and more people are victims of scams. Their personal (and confidential) data, now more exposed and therefore more accessible, become the target of hackers who have a great time when it comes to heating up the credit card.

Technological advances make our lives easier and allow us to make the most of our time. This was the case with contactless payment

Since the confinement period, the maximum amount of contactless payment has increased to 50 euros. The news did not displease consumers who are less and less hesitant to use this means of payment. However, some people are increasingly reluctant to use this means of payment because of the increasing scams. On Wednesday evening, a woman even reported that she had been scammed twice because of the contactless payment. According to France 3 , payment fraud has increased by more than 28.9% in one year.

Watch out for scams

A man also reports a case of fraud that may well deter you from continuing to use your card in this way. He says he was stolen 2,263 euros via his connected watch . And its refund request takes a long time to be reviewed by the bank. Indeed, the use of connected objects complicates things. For the moment, the regulations do not stipulate anything concerning them. Thus several people in similar situations have been refused a refund.

Even if measures have been taken to make fraud almost impossible, zero risk does not exist. And banks keep giving recommendations for their customers to take as much action as possible. For example, they recommend checking your accounts every day to ensure that small withdrawals are not made on a regular basis. And even if the banks are reassuring, users are more and more skeptical.

Towards a new generation of contactless cards

BNP-Paribas talks about the imminent arrival of a card with a fingerprint sensor. It is scheduled for the end of 2020 while the other banks are still in the test phase of the product. A company has developed an “anti-contactless” system that aims to protect consumers from piracy. The card is almost the same as a classic credit card except that it blocks the waves emitted by the chip. Thus the data becomes inaccessible to anyone intending to obtain it. When she is in contact with a bank card, contactless payment is suspended.

Source: Tribunaldunet