Fantasy show from Manchester City to Messi

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Manchester City is preparing to make a huge offer to the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, in order to sign him for 10 years from Barcelona.

According to the British “Times”, the City’s offer is a contract extending for 10 years, until Messi reaches “43 years”, and the first stage will be playing with the club in the English Premier League, after which the Barcelona legend will choose a team within one of the eight clubs Owned by “City Football Group” and spread around the world, to continue with him to the end of his career.

The newspaper added: The contract stipulates that Leo Messi will assume the position of global ambassador for the City Football Group around the world after his retirement.

Messi lives his last year of his contract with Barcelona, ​​and from January 1 next year, he will be free to negotiate with any club.

Barcelona fans hope that the new president, who will take office on January 24, will persuade the Argentine to stay with the Catalan club.