Here’s why “Chappelle’s Show” just disappeared from Netflix

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Comedy fans were pleasantly surprised when Netflix added the legendary Chappelle’s Show Comedy Central Sketchbook Series to its library earlier this month. Since the issue has ceased to be broadcast, it was broadcast and aired on various networks and platforms online, but it was the first time she headed the most popular planet’s streaming service. Unfortunately, his tenure on Netflix was short-lived.

Dave Chappelle has always had a complicated relationship with the series, which he moved away from in the midst of production in season three. Viacom CBS owns the TV show’s rights, and despite having Chappelle’s name in the title, he doesn’t make any money when the show is licensed.

Naturally, the comedian never liked it well, and as he explained in a video on Instagram on Tuesday, he was disappointed to see the show on Netflix, where he has a massive contract to deliver specials and more content down the line. . As he explains in the video, he called Netflix as soon as he found out the company had started streaming Chappelle’s Show and asked them to take it down. Netflix obliged. Edge transcribed the relevant bits from the Instagram video, where Chappelle explains the situation in detail:

“I called them, and I told them that this makes me feel bad,” he said. “And you want to know what they did? They agreed that they would take it off their platform just so I could feel better.” Netflix acquired the rights to the series from ViacomCBS as part of a non-exclusive streaming deal. Chappelle doesn’t own the rights to the series, and he has consistently criticized the media company for licensing it without paying him royalties.

Research on Netflix reveals the show is now missing. As of this writing, Chappelle’s Show is still available on Crumpe All Access and HBO Max. So you can still watch the show online, but not on Netflix.