After 2 years without washing her face, this woman makes an incredible discovery!

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When it comes to taking care of your skin, the techniques are different. Indeed, we must always pay attention to our skin: fragile, oily, or skin-prone. While some women have no skin problem, others try remedies to get beautiful skin. A young woman has not washed her face for two years, and made an incredible discovery!

Woman stops washing her face for two years!

Each woman has her own way of taking care of her face . More and more women opt to reduce shampoos and facials, analogical and dermatological concerns. Indeed, depending on the skin, some products can have the opposite effect: rash , oily skin or very dry skin … Jeanne Sager, a woman who has decided to reduce face care and no longer wash it, testifies to the Firstforwomen site .“The first time I decided to stop using soap was an act of grace for my skin. It was winter, and despite the hydration or layers of petroleum jelly, my skin was red and irritated, ”she explains. His various skin concerns forced him to stop washing his face …

Her skin has never been so beautiful!

The principle is simple. Jeanne Sager removed the foam or cleansing gel , micellar water and soap . The young woman decided to rely on a simple rinse with water . At first it was just an experience. But today, Jeanne Sager has not cleaned her face with cosmetics for two years . A decision that allowed him to regain clear skin, without acne problems . For her part, Dr Kathryn A.Boling explains that the use of cleansers on the face must be very rare.“If you have oily skin or you sweat a lot, you may need soap. But if your skin is dry, you can limit yourself to water, good water, ”she explains.

Source: Tribunaldunet