Arturo Vidal: the brawler who weighs on his teams

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To the extent that Arturo Vidal is an important figure in the attack of the team he plays with, he is also a burden to him after some of his (boyish) behavior as a professional player.

Arturo Vidal

The last situation in which the Chilean striker Arturo Vidal formed a burden on his team is his protest, which exceeded his limits on the referee, in the match that brought his team Inter Milan with the Spanish team Real Madrid in the group stage of the Champions League.

At a time when the Italian team is looking to come out with a victory to support further its chances of passing the next rounds of the competition – while a goal defeats it -, Arturo Vidal protested against the referee after falling in front of the Real Madrid goal and demanding a penalty kick, which made the referee give the troublemaker player a yellow warning At first glance. A second warning after the player persisted in protesting, and consequently, he was expelled from the match, leaving the team confused about it while playing with ten players against a big team like Real Madrid.

The same previous fatal mistakes are repeated

The same player had previously been sent off twice in other situations for the teams he played in, in 2017 he was expelled in the match that brought together his team Bayern Munich with Real Madrid, then in 2019 in the match that brought together the Catalan team Barcelona, ​​which he was playing with the Italian team Napoli.

It should be noted that Real Madrid – who missed his French star Karim Benzema due to injury – defeated the Italian team 2-0, to occupy second place with 7 points behind Bayern Mönchengladbach, 10 points.