The English will never forget the biggest cheating of Maradona in football history

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Maradona challenged physics to defeat Shilton, the England goalkeeper in 1986 in the historic match between England and Argentina at the World Cup in Azteca, Mexico City, in round 1/8.

Shilton, who is 183 cm tall, could not reach the ball that passed over him and fell into the net. Still, Tunisian referee Ali Benaser calculated it with a goal despite the English national team’s protest and anger at a handball. Maradona, who deserves expulsion.

With this historic goal, Diego Armando Maradona will remain in the eyes of the England fans, forever a demon, due to the touch that the world will never forget of the greatest player in history.

According to what was reported by the English press, Shilton, the most prolific goalkeeper to play for England, will never forgive Maradona for his mistake, saying: “At a time when he was the best player in the world, he will not respect him or shake his hand.”

Shelton added: “The English team suffered because of their cheating … He admitted it in a roundabout way, but he did not apologize or express any remorse. I grew up respecting football.”

Had that goal, which reversed the game’s balance, had happened during the reign of VAR, Endara would have been directed at Muraduna or even sent off, as the TV replay of that shot showed that Maradona’s head had not hit the ball at all, but his left hand was. That deposited the ball into the net.

But Maradona returned to show the world that he was the best and kept the ball from midfield until he deposited it in the English goal, wonderfully bypassing their defense.

Despite all this, Maradona dazzled the world on many occasions, especially during his participation with his country in the World Cup, and even with the teams he played with, as he is considered a decisive player and brought them to glory even though these teams do not have bright players next to him.

Peter Reid, the English midfielder, who was present at Azteca Stadium, told the BBC: “Although the first goal was bad because of cheating, the second goal was an expression of a talented man and potential, he is simply one of the best players on the planet. “.