Has Trump finally conceded defeat?

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Was Trump’s statement that he would leave the White House if the Electoral College approved Biden’s victory, in recognition of his defeat in the election?

US President Donald Trump said Thursday that he would leave the White House if the electoral college votes for Democratic President-elect Joe Biden, in a statement considered the closest to his admission of defeat.

The electoral college is scheduled to meet on December 14th, and the president-elect is expected to be inaugurated on January 20.

Trump said – in an interview with US forces abroad on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day – that if the electoral college votes for Biden, it would be a mistake, and “I will leave the White House then.” Still, he repeated that it would be difficult to admit defeat.

Asked whether he would leave the White House, Trump said, “I definitely will.” “But I think there will be a lot of things that may happen between now and January 20,” he said.

The US President renewed his doubts about the election results and said that the voting machines were affected by problems and that the votes were transferred in more than one place to Biden, “as if we were in a third world country,” adding that Biden did not get 80 million votes and that the numbers are false and the elections are forged.

Trump again said that it would be difficult for him to concede under the current circumstances, and he also refused to disclose whether he would attend Biden’s inauguration.

He added that he does not want to talk about the 2024 elections, as the current elections are not over yet, and that “there are thousands of votes that can change the result.”

Biden previously said that Americans need solutions to the issues facing them and not to scream, to refer to President Trump’s approach to dealing with the presidential elections’ results, adding that “there is a need for mutual respect and listening.”

Transfer of power

Biden: Americans need solutions to the issues they face, not to shout

So far, Trump refused to fully acknowledge his defeat, although he agreed last week – with mounting pressure from the Republicans – to allow Biden to begin the transition process officially.

In response to Trump’s team’s appeals, a Pennsylvania court issued an injunction temporarily blocking any possible certification of the remainder of the state’s election results, pending a hearing on Friday.

Arizona Republican Party chairwoman Kelly Ward said she would file a lawsuit to demand that she scrutinize ballots to determine whether they were counted correctly.

Biden said Tuesday that his team coordinated with the Trump administration about the Corona pandemic and planned to distribute vaccines and national security files since he received the green light on Monday for the official transition process.

Biden’s transition team said it had made significant progress since the General Services Agency agreed to initiate the transfer procedures and added that there would be new announcements for senior positions in his administration in the coming weeks.

Biden presented his foreign policy and his national security team last Tuesday, as part of the official moves towards the White House after defeating Republican President Donald Trump.

Source: Agencies