The Prime Minister of Denmark mourns the execution of Mink

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After the decision to execute the mink

, the government faced opposition calls to resign and a vote of no-confidence in Parliament

During her visit to the owner of a

mink farm

, he lost all the herd after being executed by the government’s order this month to curb the spread of the new Coronavirus, Danish Prime Minister Matte Frederiksen cried, Thursday.

The number of

mink animals

on Denmark’s farms was about 17 million, and an order was issued to execute them all.

“We have two generations of skilled breeders, a father, and his son, in a concise period of time their work collapsed,” she told reporters in a shuddering voice after she met the owner of a

mink farm

and his son on their farm, which became empty in the west of the country.

She continued crying, pausing to catch her breath between the words, “It was sad for them … it was for me too.”

Withhold confidence from her!

It is noteworthy that Frederiksen was faced with demands from the opposition to resign and a vote of no-confidence in Parliament after the government’s order early this month, which it later admitted was illegal.

The order was issued after the authorities detected an outbreak of “Covid-19” in hundreds of farms, including a new strain of the virus, suspected of threatening the effectiveness of vaccines.

However, the move to execute all

mink animals

in Denmark, which is one of the largest breeding countries in the world, left the government suffering from the consequences of the matter after it admitted that it did not have the legal basis that would allow it to order the execution of animals not infected with the disease.