The most expensive soap in the world costs $2800

Source: siakapkeli

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Like clothing and cars, the soap industry has not been spared by the luxury industry. A Lebanese family business has resorted, existing since the 15th century, has made the most expensive soap in the world.

Handcrafted diamond and gold soap, more than $ 2,800. An unprecedented product shocked more than one product, not only due to its high cost but also its composition.

A bar of soap made of gold powder and diamonds

soap in gold and diamond
Source: dunyanews

Claiming the most expensive soap globally, the Bader Hussien and Sons company located in Tripoli, Lebanon, has not finished talking about it, with its variation for luxury oils and soaps. And these are the components of the latest Khan Al Saboun brand soap, which amazes people.

For a good reason: the soap contains 17 grams of pure 24-carat gold powder. But until then, we could say to ourselves with a little enthusiasm that it passes. However, the manufacturers did not limit themselves there. They have incorporated a few touches of diamonds, adding a more luxurious feel to the product.

High-end products

For more prestige, the company has, according to her, embellished the composition of the most expensive soap in the world, organic honey, pure olive oil, dates, and aged oud, according to the Lebanese company. This shocks most Internet users even more.

A soap sold for 2800 dollars.

soap in diamond and gold
Source: telegraph

Once shaped and matured, the bar soap weighs approximately 160 grams. And the selling price of the product is around $ 2,800, quite simply the most expensive soap in the world. One might ask why to sell this beauty product at such an exorbitant price. Well, the company has a ready-made answer.

According to her, “It is not only the most expensive soap in the world because it is made of gold and dial recipients’ names something special, but it also has a psychological and spiritual effect on the being. human.”

The soap’s texture is judged to be rough because of the gold and the diamond

When the world’s most expensive soap echoed in 2015, the BBC claimed that its roughness made it difficult to use on the skin. Moreover, the company’s CEO said the soap had undergone many improvements over the years, which justifies its price.

A high-end soap intended for prestigious customers

soap in gold and diamond
Source: siakapkeli

These justifications seem, against all expectations, to convince most buyers who are often rich. However, this is no surprise, knowing that not everyone is ready to spend such a fortune on a cosmetic product.

Besides, the company’s products are sold by certain stores in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general. Plus, the world’s most expensive soap is only offered to special guests and important people, without forgetting that the company embeds the recipients’ names on the soap.

Soap originally designed for the first lady of Qatar

The first time the company made the luxury soap was in 2013, and they gave it a unique gift to Qatar’s first lady. Just recently, in a viral video, the CEO of the company gifted the most expensive bar of soap in the world to Bahraini actress and Instagrammer Shaila Sabt.

The propensity for luxury continues to increase. And we never stop being surprised when we see the price of certain products. Indeed, it seems incredible that a product so commonplace as soap can cost up to $ 2,800.