Anger chases the owners of the shameful photos of Maradona over his body!

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Pictures that sparked the anger of Maradona fans
Pictures that sparked the anger of Maradona fans (Social Media)

After the wave of anger against 3 workers who took shameful photos at Maradona’s funeral, where they appeared above her body, while one of them raised a “like” finger, Claudio Fernandez has apologized to fans of late legend Diego Maradona, who was disappointed with his heart last Wednesday.

Claudio took a picture next to the con’s open coffin, icon’s open coffin with his son, who raised his thumb with joy.

However, the apology was not enough. The three were dismissed from their work after taking those photographs shortly before his funeral, especially after the state of anger in Argentina reached its climax with the spread of the pictures on social media and reached the point of threatening workers with death.

In an interview with “Radio Diez”, the former worker, Claudio Fernandez, confirmed that he was fired from his job, and his son Ismail and another employee named Claudio Medina.

He also said that he was not aware of any plans to take these photos and was unaware of their release. “It was momentary. I just raised my head, and my son did it like any 18-year-old,” he said in the radio interview.

In addition, Fernandez confirmed that he had received threats from people living in El Paternale, the place where Maradona appeared as a professional for the first time in 1976 in the ranks of “Argentinos Juniors”. “They know me. I am from the neighborhood, they say they will kill us and break our heads,” he added.

It is noteworthy that the ball’s magician, as described, enjoys unparalleled popularity in his country and the world at large. It was evident when the announcement of his death on Wednesday.

Maradona died of a heart attack at the age of 60, after a career and personal career full of successes and failures, especially with his addiction to drugs.