Macron shock because of police assault on a music producer Michel Zekler, does she portend government change?

Zeklair told the press after he was assaulted by the French police

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On Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron said images of police beating a Black music producer Michel Zekler in Paris “shames us”, as pressure on the government mounted with top politicians and sportsmen expressing outrage over the incident.

A series of field and legislative errors, the latest of the assault by policemen against a black-skinned music producer Michel Zekler, led to the emergence of a new crisis in the French government due to its security options and policies. It seems that Prime Minister Jean Castex’s attempt to address this crisis has led to the explosion of a new crisis between the government and its parliamentary majority, this time.

Sources at the Elysee Palace announced that President Emmanuel Macron was shocked by the video that exposed the violent beating of three policemen on Michel Zekler, a black-skinned music producer and that he called on Interior Minister Gerard Darmana to dismiss the accused policemen if the final results of the investigation prove the charges against them.

It should be noted that the videotape taken by the surveillance camera in the studio of the music producer, which spread widely on social networks, was a great shock on the French street, especially as it comes days after the evacuation of a camp for asylum seekers in Republic Square in central Paris, during which many people practiced Police forces violent methods, filmed and broadcast on social networks.

These events raised the great controversy about the escalation of violent methods by some French police officers in dealing with citizens, whether during demonstrations and protest movements or daily, a controversy that emerged during the Yellow Vest movement demonstrations.

It is not appropriate for the government to mount controversy over violence by some policemen at this exact moment, as the Minister of Interior imposed on the deputies of the majority to vote in favor of the Comprehensive Security Law, including Article 24, which prohibits the publication of pictures of police officers during potentially violent clashes, under the pretext of protecting them from Some attempts to retaliate. The article sparked outrage among journalists and prompted them to demonstrate, considering that Article 24 constitutes a violation of the press’s freedom and the freedom of activists to photograph and publish police violations.

It seems that the French President asked Prime Minister Jean Castex to quickly address the crisis of Article 24 of the Comprehensive Security Law. Castex announced the formation of a special committee from outside Parliament to examine this article and reconsider it. Still, this decision sparked severe anger among the representatives of the majority, considering That the government, after exerting great pressure on them to vote in favor of this article, against the will of many of them, is returning today, under public pressure, from this vote, which makes them lose their consideration and any credibility, which was publicly expressed by Parliament Speaker Richard Veron, criticizing the president, the government is strong.

On the other hand, the government is facing criticism from the French due to its management of the second phase of quarantine, which has pushed the owners of small shops, restaurants, cafes, and hotels into a severe economic crisis that will eliminate a large number of them, despite government aid.

The two crises coincided, and the mood in the French street became tense, prompting some analysts to ask whether the moment has come for Macron to replace his prime minister, who has so far been unable to convince the French of his competence this position.