Where to find the money for temporary financial crisis ?

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If your income has fallen sharply with the health crisis, and you’ve exhausted all your ideas to beat out your financial crisis, therefore bail out your account, there is another possibility. You can take out a loan. You must then choose a loan that meets your needs and does not penalize you in the future.

How to bail out your accounts after the crisis?

The crisis has penalized many citizens, and this may be your case. So, applying for a loan from the bank is your best last resort. Different loans are available to you. However, beware, some are to be avoided, and others to be preferred.

By choosing an authorized overdraft, you will have the right to premiums lower than those of the unauthorized overdraft, ranging from 8 to 14%, up to 21%. Thus, you will avoid other costs and incidents such as intervention or rejection costs. You can make the change online, and if you cannot, contact your bank branch.

However, if this solution does not suit you, you can consider another solution, such as personal credit.

Other alternatives are possible

Personal credit is a good alternative if you think your overdraft is likely to be prolonged. The rate of this credit can vary from 2 to 15%. “Banks are cautious about how you manage your accounts. It will be easier if the relationship is old, ”explains Bruno Rouleau, spokesperson for the broker In & Fi Crédits. Also, you should know that a personal loan is reimbursed each month.

Otherwise, as a less expensive solution, there is an advance on savings. This allows you to request an advance on your life insurance contract. These advances can be granted up to 80% of the euro fund’s outstanding amounts and from 50 to 60% of those of the account units. With this solution, you must repay 1% more than the theoretical revaluation of your savings.

So check with your banker, who can point you in the direction of the best direction for your needs.

Source: Le Revenu