Hazard may not be back in action this season

Real Madrid announced today, Monday, that its Belgian player Eden Hazard is again suffering from a muscle injury.

In a brief statement, the club added that the tests conducted for Hazard revealed that he suffers from “a muscle injury in the right thigh.”

Real Madrid did not specify the expected date for Hazard’s return. Still, Spanish media reported that the player would be absent for another 20 days, while others expected that he would not return to the stadiums again this year.

Hazard had joined Real Madrid at the start of last season for 115 million euros (138 million dollars) from Chelsea, the most expensive deal in the royal history.

During his first season, the player suffered from an ankle injury and surgery and only participated in 14 games.

During the current season, Hazard participated in only 3 matches, as he suffered from an infection with the emerging coronavirus.

Hazard was substituted during the first half of Real Madrid’s match against Deportivo Alaves (Real Madrid lost 1-2) yesterday, Saturday, due to pain in the right thigh.

Hazard is absent from Real Madrid in several matches, including two matches against Seville and Atletico Madrid in Liga. His match against Borussia Monchengladbach in the Champions League next week.

Hazard did not travel with Ukraine’s team to play the scheduled match against Shakhtar Donetsk on Tuesday in the Champions League.

His total absence from the team due to injury was 297 days. Since Hazard’s return from a serious ankle injury in February, he cannot play more than 3 consecutive matches.

Source: Agencies