Celine Dion’s thinness worries her fans

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Celine Dion has changed a lot physically, and this glaring and so intriguing change has caused fans to ask many questions about her state of health.

However, after a long silence and following many rumors about her thinness, the Quebec singer has finally spoken about the real reason for her appearance.

Everyone is worried about Celine Dion’s health

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With a career spanning nearly 40 years, Celine Dion has enjoyed worldwide fame and undeniable success for several years now, thanks to her warm and remarkable voice.

The Quebec singer started singing very early, at the age of only 13. Pushed by her older brother, the teenager is then discovered by the Canadian producer René Angelil, who will become her manager, her great love, and her husband. And to whom she owes a large part of her success.

Shaken by the dramas

Misfortunes have befallen Celine Dion in recent years! First, with the death of René, who died of throat cancer. Then that of his brother and finally that of his mother, who died in January 2020.

Certainly, for fans, the reason behind this disturbing new appearance can only be this period of drama that the singer went through. A difficult period that Celine Dion will yet face with courage. Moreover, in November 2019, she ended up releasing an album called Courage.

Rumors follow one another around Celine Dion’s thinness

Céline Dion

Celine Dion’s remarkable weight loss has been worrying fans of the singer for quite a while. However, no official information has been provided to clarify the real reason for this physical change, very remarkable in his photos which circulate on the web and during his appearances in public.

Faced with a Celine Dion who is losing weight day by day, fans are therefore questioned. To the point of giving rise to many rumors. For some, it could only be dancing, a new passion to which the singer turned after her husband’s death.

Moreover, Celine Dion had herself affirmed during an interview, and according to her relatives, she would have become addicted to dance and choreography after René Angélil. To the point of making him lose all that weight?

Reactions multiply

On social networks, the reactions of Internet users were not long in coming. The fans have multiplied the marks of support for their favorite singer.

Because there was no longer any doubt that Celine Dion was once again going through a difficult ordeal, this time it was about her health, the Canadian singer was facing some health issue behind her thinness.

Celine Dion’s cause of thinness: an incurable disease

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Celine Dion’s thinness has long been attributed to the period of drama she had just gone through. Also to some diet too low in calories and even to dance.

But lately, faced with the many rumors circulating about her weight loss and her fans’ mobilization, the singer decided to break the silence and shed some light on her new appearance.

The real reason revealed

On her Instagram account, Celine Dion finally spoke about her state of health. She thus revealed the reason for her striking thinness. The Quebec singer suffers from muscle degeneration, which is at the origin of her physical change. This incurable disease causes the weakening of his muscles as well as a great loss of weight.

But the singer also suffers from another crippling eye problem: macular degeneration, a disease of the retina that causes progressive deterioration of vision.

Although they find it hard to come to terms with her, Celine Dion fans today know the real reason behind her new appearance. However, the singer insisted on affirming that medical specialists follow her closely and that she was trying to lead her life normally.