Benzema saves Zidane…leads Real Madrid to the 16 rounds

Benzema celebrates his goal against Monchengladbach

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Thanks to the return of French international Karim Benzema, Real Madrid managed to penetrate the round of 16 against the lucky German Moenchengladbach, who received a gift from Shakhtar.

Real Madrid, Spain, continued their campaign in the European Champions League, after their precious and deserved 2-0 win over Borussia Monchengladbach on Wednesday in the sixth (last) round of the second group of the group stage of the continental competition, which also witnessed a 0-0 draw against Inter Milan with His guest, Shakhtar Donetsk, Ukraine.

Real Madrid raised its tally to 10 points to top the group and rise to the round of sixteen in the tournament that holds the record for the number of times won with 13 titles, where it meets one of the second-placed teams in the other seven groups in the next round.

Monchengladbach ranked second with 8 points, to climb with the Real to the knock-out rounds in the competition, ahead of Shakhtar, the third-place equal in the same balance, who moved to play in the European League. Inter sank at the bottom of the standings with 6 points, to be deposited European competitions in the current season.

Mönchengladbach won 6-0 over Shakhtar in Ukraine before continuing to outperform his opponent 4-0 in Germany.

The King, which received a perfect morale boost before its upcoming meeting with its host and arch-neighbor Atletico Madrid in the Spanish League next Saturday, did not find the slightest difficulty in overcoming the Monchengladbach hurdle, as it could have scored more goals, had it not been for the misfortune that had accompanied its players in more than Chance.

The French star Karim Benzema wore the championship role in the match after scoring the 2 goals of the Real in the 9th and 32nd minutes, to lead the King team to survive the early exit from the competition.