2 dead and 5 wounded in a stabbing attack in San Jose, California, and the arrest of a suspect

2 people were killed and at least 5 people were wounded, as a result of a stabbing attack that took place inside a church in San Jose, California, where police arrested a suspect in the operation.

San Jose City Police announced that two people were killed in a stabbing attack at a California church, and several people were seriously injured.

The police explained that there was no mass in the church at the time of the operation, adding, “A group of homeless people have been brought to the church to shelter them from the cold.”

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“Our hearts are with the families of the members of the two communities who surrendered from stab wounds in an attack on the Grace Baptist Church in the city center,” the city’s mayor, Sam Licardo, said in a tweet.

A few days ago, 8 people were injured in a shooting inside a supermarket, “Mayfair Mall” in Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee, the largest city in the state located in the northern United States, according to the newspaper “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel”.

Local KTVU-TV reported that the police had arrested a 22-year-old believed to be the perpetrator of the attack. US news websites, including the Pasadena Star News website, published pictures of the police. And ambulances in the vicinity of the church.