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Barcelona next season with a Dutch flavor

It seems that Barcelona fans are on a date with a Dutch version of the team next season after coach Ronald Koeman takes the helm of the technical management.

According to press information, the team will be dominated by orange, as Koeman asked the Barça administration to make two offers for the Netherlands team players, Memphis Depay, Lyon striker, and Wijnaldum Jenny , the Liverpool midfielder.

According to the information, after the departure of the Croatian Ivan Rakitic to Seville, Barca is focusing on selling more players, led by Chilean Arturo Vidal and Uruguayan Luis Suarez.

The Catalan team has contacted Depay and Vinaldom’s business agents, and it is expected to soon present two official offers to the players, and hopes to be able to win their services for about 55 million euros.

Media reports confirm that there is no agreement between Barca and Vinaldom, whose “Liber” team made more than one offer to extend his contract, in an attempt to discourage him from leaving.

But in the event that Barca reaches an agreement with the player and the Reds decide to sell him, the English team will try to replace him with Bayern Munich’s Thiago Alcantara, who is asking the Bavarian team for 30 million euros to dispense with him.

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