2022… a “black” year for Algerian football

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2022 was a difficult year for Algerian football, which did not shine on various fronts, which aroused anger and concern for the fans, especially at the level of the first team, which failed to reach the 2022 World Cup finals that concluded a few days ago in Qatar, a setback that overshadowed all other failures and left violent tremors in the country. local ball.

The failure in the year approaching his departure began with the first team, which was supervised by Jamal Belmadi, after the exit from the first round of the African Cup of Nations at the beginning of the year in Cameroon.

Although the companions of the leader, Riyad Mahrez, entered the competition as the title holders, they gave a disastrous return in their group and bid farewell to the competition amid many question marks, despite some trying to link the failure to the bad grounds of the Cameroonian stadiums.

Confidence in Belmadi was renewed, and he received unparalleled support from everyone, hoping to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to reach the World Cup for the fourth time in the history of Algerian football.

After a distinguished journey in the group stage, the draw for the decisive round was drawn to the “Khodr” against Cameroon, with the preference to play the second leg in Algeria.

After winning the first leg and approaching qualification, something happened that was not taken into account last March at the Mustafa Chaker stadium in the second leg, when the Cameroon national team succeeded in turning the tables and returning with a ticket to qualify for the World Cup after winning 2-1 in a scenario that remained engraved in the minds of millions. Of the Algerians, especially the second goal, which came in the last seconds.

Some held the Gambian referee Bakary Gassama responsible, and a great uproar arose around him and the meeting, which continued until reaching the World Cup in Qatar, when the president of the Cameroonian Federation, Samuel Eto’o, assaulted an Algerian youth who asked him about the referee obtaining a bribe.

And the former president of the Algerian Football Federation, Charafeddine Amara, paid a dear price when he had to submit his resignation, one year after his election to succeed his predecessor, Khaireddine Zatchi.

Algerian football experienced a vacuum at the administrative level before the election of the current president, Jahid Zvizif, as a new president.

The failure also affected the Olympic team, which is coached by Noureddine Ould Ali. This category of under 23 years old did not succeed in qualifying for the Nations Cup as well as for the Paris Olympics 2024.

The under-20 team followed the same path this year.

The squad of coach Mohamed Lassat achieved disastrous results during the North African Championship that was held in Egypt in a group that included Libya, Morocco and Tunisia, and the “Khidr” came out with two draws and a loss, so that the team failed to reach the finals of the Nations Cup for this category.

The Algerian under-18 team also disappointed all hopes in the Mediterranean Games that were held in Algeria last summer, and failed even to reach the second round, despite its successful start and public support.

Even the Algerian women’s national team could not qualify for the Nations Cup, which was held this year in Morocco.

The only exception in 2022 for the Algerian football teams was the under-17 team coached by Zarqi Romman, who succeeded in winning the Arab Cup in Algeria two months ago.

Although the local team has not participated in any official competition this year since winning the Arab Cup in Qatar at the end of last year, it is on the right path under the supervision of coach Majid Bougherra, who set his sights on winning the Nations Cup for the locals in Algeria in 2023.

At the level of the Algerian League, Chabab continued Belouizdad performed his solo game with his third consecutive crowning, to confirm his dominance in Algerian football, and he also qualified for the group stage in the African Champions League.

A few days ago, Algeria presented its candidacy file to succeed Guinea in organizing the 2025 African Cup of Nations, amid optimism that this bet would be won.

This year witnessed a tragic accident when the player of the local national team and the Algerian club, Bilal Ben Hamouda, died in a traffic accident while returning to his home after participating in a friendly match with his country’s national team.


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