240,000 are calling for a replay of the France-Switzerland match… What’s the story?

Fans of the French national team resorted to a specialized website to collect signatures demanding a replay of the match between the French team and its Swiss counterpart, which ended with the exit of the world champions from the final price of the European Championship (Euro 2020).

After an exciting match that ended in a 3-3 draw, the French and Swiss teams resorted to penalty kicks to determine the winner of the match that took place last Monday in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Luck smiled on the Swiss team, after star Kylian Mbappe missed the last penalty kick, to stop the march of the world champions at the final price round.

It seems that the result did not satisfy many of the French, as a number of them resorted to a website specialized in collecting signatures electronically, to demand a replay of the match.

The signatories justified their request that the Swiss goalkeeper, Jan Sommer, did not respect the law in the last kick, as at least one of his feet was not on the goal line when the ball was kicked.

The protesters have so far collected more than 240,000 signatures, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca.

It does not appear that this move will affect the decisions of UEFA, especially since the referees of the video assistant system did not notice any irregularity in the penalty shootout.

source : marca

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