3 scenarios to save the season…will La Liga matches resume?

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The Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported that the League Football League is studying three proposals to resume the competition, which was suspended due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Spain, which became the main focus after Italy for the spread of the fatal disease.
The newspaper said that the first proposal is to resume the Spanish league in mid-May, and it has the broadest support among the decision-makers in the League.
The proposal stipulates that matches be intensified so that a match is held every 3 days until the competition ends at the end of next June or mid-July.
The second proposal put forward the idea of ​​postponing the resumption of the competition for the summer, especially after the postponement of the European Nations Cup (Euro 2020) and the Copa America.
As for the third and final proposal, it is the least fortunate, because it will completely confuse the next season, as it requires the resumption of matches next September.
The proposals did not specify whether or not there were masses, as this will be decided based on developments in the spread of the Coronavirus.