4 Damages delaying dinner before bed

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The focus of many researchers is on understanding the impact of late-night eating on human health and whether it is one factor that increases the risk of obesity and some diseases.

In her report , published by the Russian site “FB.ru“, writer Natalia Lukinova highlighted the damage that eating late in the day can cause.

The damages of late eating can be summarized as follows:
1- Obesity.

2- An increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes due to the increased likelihood of obesity.

3- Difficulty with digestion.

4- Increase blood sugar.

A bewildering mystery

Scientists have observed for decades a close relationship between meal times and the nature of the effect of food on the body, and data indicate that eating late in the day causes a lot of health damage, the most prominent of which is obesity, and that workers on duty at night are more susceptible to developing type 2 diabetes.

But – according to the author – the reasons for this negative effect of late eating are still a mystery that researchers are working to solve, despite the interest in this issue for a long time. And the answer to this question remains significant because people need to know the best time to sit at the table to make the best use of food.

delaying dinner
It handles food better during the day (Unsplash)

Damages of eating late

Scientific studies have shown that the human body processes food better during the day. There is likely to be a close relationship between food consumption and the stomach’s time to digest it better.

The author adds that the researchers are not sure why somebody performs their functions better during the day or night. Several experiments conducted on rodents showed that the sleep period allows for cell regeneration, or what is known as self-repair. And when you eat food just before the relaxation period, the cells postpone that process because the body focuses on digestion, which is harmful to the body.

Regulating blood sugar is another example of this health damage. It has been proven that eating dinner late at night raises blood sugar more than meals at other times, which does not depend on the food ingredients. The body is unable to sleep for treating those quantities of sugar if you eat right before bed.

The biological clock is different

Numerous scientific evidence confirms the difference in the circadian rhythms between one person and another, so the body’s response to meal times varies.

Recently, I conducted an experiment in which a group of volunteers was asked to maintain their regular sleep schedule, but some were asked to eat at 6 pm, and others at 10.

The results showed that blood sugar levels increased in the volunteers who ate late and went to bed shortly afterward. Those who ate the meal late but did not go to bed directly did not experience such a problem.

The results of this study show – according to the author – that it is not possible to set a uniform hour for all people regarding the last time in which they can eat to avoid health damage, because each person has his own biological clock and his daily habits, including sleep timing.

Despite all the harm that eating late can cause, it is not considered the primary factor in developing many serious diseases—other factors such as obesity, lack of movement, and a diet rich in unhealthy fats.

Source : Russian Press

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