5 distinct innovations at the 2021 World Tech Expo on the battle against Corona

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Due to the conditions imposed by the coronavirus epidemic, the largest annual show dedicated to technology, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), will not open this year in showrooms in Las Vegas, but online, with presentations remotely, under the slogan of the fight against the Coronavirus.

This extraordinary edition of the Consumer Electronics Show for 2021 focuses on the fight against the Coronavirus at all levels, and the multiplication of proposals for the post-pandemic world, whether in terms of sustainable health or teleworking, and it several innovations grab attention and inspire hope.

Coronavirus detector

Coronavirus detector

In the report published by the French magazine OBS, the writer Boris Manente claims that the Coronavirus detection device is a dream for all manufacturers. BioIntelliSense is one of the first companies to make this discovery thanks to the BioButton device.

It is not a device capable of detecting the virus in the air, but an adhesive tracker placed on the chest to detect the slightest symptoms of the Coronavirus.

The sensor continuously records skin temperature, heart and respiratory rates, activity level, and sleep to allow self-diagnosis of the coronavirus’s first symptoms.

Bio-Intelligence took advantage of the Consumer Electronics Show to announce a collaboration with the American College of Cardiology, following its association with the University of Colorado Hospital, which provides caregivers with Bioptone devices immediately after vaccinations. Bio-Intelligence hopes to gradually convince all organizations and companies to equip their employees to prevent the spread of infections.

Smart mask

It seems that the WHO message on the need to wear a mask inspired the manufacturers who took part in this exhibition with models of connected masks, as the company “AirPop” emerged thanks to “Active+”, which is the first “smart mask”, and is reminiscent of the reusable masks Use, which is popular with young people, but which allows connection via Bluetooth with a smartphone.

This mask’s sensor transmits data such as the number of breaths per minute or the quality of the outside air in real-time to the application. This lets you know when the filter needs to be replaced and allows athletes to monitor their performance during a training session.

Active + is the first “smart mask” to provide a connection via Bluetooth with a smartphone (networking sites)

Portable air purifier

Portable air purifier

The author shows that the air purifier market was mainly booming, but demand increased dramatically as the epidemic spread. Studies by NASA and the National Agency for Food Safety, Environment, Health and Labor demonstrate air purifiers’ effectiveness with highly effective air filters against the Coronavirus.

The Luft Qi Luft Duo is particularly attractive because it is portable. This battery-powered device purifies the air at home and in the office with high-quality particle absorption efficiency. And it is suitable for cleaning the air and removing the “Coronavirus” in an area of ​​at least 22 square meters.

Lift Duo Lift device for a particularly attractive look as it is portable (networking sites)

Disinfectant robot

Disinfectant robot

Another technology exhibited in this tech event is OV-C, which are ultraviolet lamps with a wavelength between 100 and 280 nanometers, and these rays are used to sterilize surfaces. “The lamps (or V-C) will inactivate viruses,” explains Geraldine Dantel, a researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research at the “FR Android” site.

Therefore, UBTech Robotics presents an Adibot robot capable of disinfection by UV lamp, which can move around the room on its own to immaculate surfaces and eliminate pathogens, including virus crowned.

Protective screen

Transparent Tv

LG Corporation takes advantage of CES to unveil the first transparent screens designed to be useful in restaurants.

The South Korean manufacturer promotes television as a protective barrier between customers and the restaurant’s president. And the transparent screen protects against saliva that may fly through the air while allowing you to follow the preparation of the meals, and better yet, it allows you to view the menu to choose the dish you are going to eat.

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