5 proven benefits that will make you stop using makeup

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Many praise the benefits of stopping makeup, and perhaps this explains the reluctance of many women in recent years to apply it when leaving the house.

In a report published by the magazine Estilonext, the writer said that Mratxl Aaksaluk influences on the Instagram platform, such as Selena Gomez and Bella Kylie Jenner or iron Ahtmn standard numbers in the number of Likes on their photographs, which appeared in them without makeup. It seems that this phenomenon has become very common among the technical and non-technical circles.

What are the secret women stop wearing makeup?
Numerous studies indicate that applying makeup not only increases a woman’s attractiveness; It also increases her self-confidence level. Sometimes, a woman’s abstention from wearing makeup may be a sign of lazy self-interest and not keeping up with fashion.

But in recent years, the balance has turned, and many women revolt against the superficiality promoted by social networking sites by abandoning makeup and appearing to be themselves.

Benefits of giving up cosmetics
These advantages will encourage you to join women’s ranks from celebrities who post pictures of him without makeup on communication sites.

1. Skin freshness
One of the most important benefits of stopping makeup is that your skin will look clearer, fresher, and healthier in the long run, and if you put foundations and powders aside, your skin will be able to breathe more. Skin also needs oxygen, and if you cover with a thick layer of make-up, your pores will become clogged.

Usually, women resort to using cosmetics to cover pores or hide skin imperfections, such as annoying blackheads and pimples, while cleaning the face and washing it twice a day and minimizing the application of make-up the freshness of the skin for a longer period.

Besides, most beauty products contain chemicals and toxic particles that are absorbed by the skin, which means that giving up makeup will benefit the health of the face and body in general.

2. Natural appearance
Among the advantages of dispensing with makeup, showing your natural beauty, and going out into the open without makeup, will give you a natural look and clear and bright skin.

3. Save time and money
Giving up cosmetics helps you save money, especially since women are known to spend a lot of money on cosmetics and skincare.

On the other hand, giving up the morning routine of applying make-up and leaving the house with a natural look will save you time that you can use to prepare a healthy breakfast table in the morning or go to work with more psychological preparation.

4. More freedom
Among the other benefits of stopping cosmetics is that you will not have to worry about whether your makeup looks good at all times, and this means that you do not need to adjust it every time, and you will enjoy more freedom.

5. More self-confidence
Letting go of makeup can increase your confidence and boost your self-esteem, according to the author. There is no doubt that cosmetics increase the attractiveness of a woman and make her more satisfied with her appearance; However, some studies have shown a relationship between regular use of cosmetics and anxiety or stress.

One study also concluded that women who use cosmetics less often have more self-confidence than those who use them regularly and increase self-esteem and emotional stability. Likewise, the women who stopped wearing makeup for two weeks had decreased stress levels.

Source : Spanish Press