6 secrets to get a flat stomach and get rid of a rumen

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Everything we eat during the day has an important role in our health and our appearance alike, so it is necessary to pay attention to our daily eating habits to enjoy good health and a graceful body that is characterized by a flat stomach, away from the belly, stomach fat and diseases, but how can this be achieved?

In fact, following an emergency diet from time to time is one of the common mistakes, as the results are only temporary, according to a report in Deutsche Welle.

The report conveys the advice of permanent nutritionists to adhere to a specific dietary method, focusing a lot on some foods and not others, and turning it into a lifestyle and not only for emergency times, to ensure a flat stomach and a slim body for a long time, and get rid of bloating, by paying attention to some Notes.

The report provided the following tips for getting a flat stomach:

1- To start your day with vigor, vitality, and lightness, start with oats, which experts consider the best option for a healthy breakfast, or try always to choose oat bread instead of white bread.

2- To add a delicious and beneficial flavor to the vegetable salad simultaneously, it is recommended to use avocado oil or flax oil.

3- Eat oily fish rich in omega-3, at least twice a week, such as salmon and sardines.

4- Drink plenty of water, as it helps prevent fluid retention in the body, which may be one of the causes of bloating. It is also recommended to drink green tea because it contains a catechin substance, which acts as an anti-inflammatory.

5- Make sure to eat an adequate serving of vegetables and fruits daily.

6- Doing sports.

And sometimes, it may not be possible to know the reasons for the concentration of fats in certain areas of the body more than others, and it may be hereditary. Certainly, the key to health and fitness lies in changing our eating habits forever because what we eat or drink is directly reflected in our health.
Vegetables and fruits are your way to fitness

Eating vegetables and fruits has a great role in reducing weight. If we add to that reducing the quantities we eat from foods that contain fat and high calories, this will lead to greater and faster results, according to a report published by Deutsche Welle.

According to experts, the reasons for this are due to the following:

1- Eating vegetables and fruits reduce eating speed, and thus less dense amounts enter the stomach.

2- These foodstuffs are considered the most important fiber source, and they are considered a contributing factor to weight reduction if eaten in sufficient quantities because the fiber quickly gives a feeling of satiety.

In conclusion, the main difficulty remains in maintaining a diet rich in vegetables and fruits for a long time, which requires changing your habits and transforming your enjoyment of vegetables and fruits into a permanent lifestyle.

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