Skin fasting, care commensurate with to face

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Skin fasting promises to restore vitality and freshness to the skin in a short period of not more than two weeks, but what are its characteristics and steps to apply it in the best way?

Fasting step by step

This fasting depends on the principle of avoiding the cosmetics and makeup usually used to leave room for the skin to relax and get rid of toxins and allow it to restore and renew itself naturally depending on the sebum secretions produced by the skin. The implementation of this fasting is done through the following steps:

– It is sufficient to wash the face with lukewarm water and then cold in the morning and evening to get rid of the impurities accumulated on the skin’s surface and help protect it from sagging.
– Consuming no less than 10 cups of water a day to moisturize the body well and provide the skin from the inside with the moisture it needs.
– Going to sleep for 8 hours a day to allow the skin to renew and repair itself during the night and reduce the severity of dark circles that worsen sleeplessness and fatigue.
– Avoid completely using make-up during this period to allow the skin to breathe comfortably.
– Stay away from using cosmetic care products such as creams and serums, and only resort to them when you feel dry skin.
– Focusing on the daily diet on eating fresh vegetables and fruits that supply the body with necessary minerals and vitamins and enhance skin moisture.
– Avoid consuming caffeinated beverages due to their stimulant effect and losing moisture from the body and skin.

The benefits of this fasting

The primary goal of this two-week fast is to reduce the excessive use of makeup and care products. This would allow the skin to get rid of toxins using the “detox” method that is usually approved for the body.

After this fasting period, you will notice a decrease in the impurities that were visible on the skin, such as blackheads, dark circles, and acne, in addition to enhancing the vitality of the skin and its natural freshness by allowing it to rely on its natural abilities only to renew itself and enhance the firmness of its tissues.

The success of the “skin fasting” experiment depends on experts’ opinions on making it compatible with the skin’s needs and requirements. When you feel that the skin is sorely lacking in the moisture and nourishment provided by the care products, it must be supplied with what it needs because the goal of this fasting is not to deprive the skin of its needs but to leave the space for it to perform its role in protecting the body.