She drank hot water with lemon and honey for a year … Find out what happened to her

Photo | Unsplash

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We have heard about the benefits of lemon for a long time, but a concrete case is always welcome. A woman testified about her radical change of life when she started drinking a cup of hot water with lemon and honey every morning…


It all started the day Cristal Davis had a very bad flu that she couldn’t get out of. Despite the help of traditional medicine, Cristal still did not feel better. A friend recommended this hot water + lemon and honey beverage to her and Cristal’s life changed. Within days, Crystal’s flu was gone and she decided to continue drinking this every morning.

The effects on his body

After several days, Cristal felt a marked improvement in his general condition. She, who often had stomach pains, had none. During the whole year, she didn’t get sick once. This drink has replaced her morning coffee and Cristal even admits having lost weight. She managed her appetite better and was no longer craving food. Cristal has been much less ill since she started consuming this brew. Among other positive effects, she cites:

– Easier to fall asleep

– Better quality sleep

– Less allergies

– Less stress, more harmonious relationships with loved ones

How to make this a cup, it’s magic potion?
simple, in a cup, put the juice of half a lemon (organic), a teaspoon of honey and add hot water (not boiling). We insist that lemons must be untreated to reap its full benefits.

The other possible benefits on the body:

Cristal’s case is not isolated and this drink can also improve your situation in case of:

– Urinary system problems: cystitis, infections

– Digestive problems: digestion concerns, constipation etc.

– Infections of all kinds (pulmonary, etc.)

However, please understand that this brew alone is not a cure for anything. If you are sick, see your doctor who will be the only person authorized to diagnose and prescribe. This mixture, drunk each morning, can provide comfort, well-being and strengthen your immune system, if you are already a healthy person.

Source : leTribunaldunet