They neglected him until his death…New facts into Maradona’s death

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Every day, new facts are revealed in the circumstances of the Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona’s death, all of which indicate his suffering in his last days of ill-residency and neglect from the accused doctors the authorities of causing his death.

Rodolfo Bakery – the lawyer for Daiana’s nurse who accompanied Maradona in his final days – said he was suffering, but his client “could not give him the medication. She only did what the doctor and psychotherapist told her.”

He noted that the psychological treatment Maradona received – who was an addict – made his heartbeat fast.

“His (Maradona) heart underwent an extra effort. His heart could have continued to work, but he was forced into psychotherapy, and his heart was not treated. There was recklessness or negligence,” Bakery added.

According to local reports, doctors discovered that Maradona’s heart was enlarged to the point that his weight was half a kilogram, twice his normal weight.

Bakery confirmed that Maradona fell and hit the head last week, but he was not taken to the hospital for a medical examination.

He explained, “Maradona was unable to decide anything. After the fall, he was left alone for 3 days in his room, without anyone seeing him and without help.”

Reports also stated that Maradona’s family blamed his personal doctor, Leopoldo Locke, who prosecutors searched his office and home last Sunday, along with his psychiatrist, as part of the open criminal investigation procedures to uncover those responsible for the death of the Argentine legend.

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