Video: Brother Cristiano Ronaldo accused of fraud

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The Turin prosecutor’s office has opened a case against Hugo Dinarte Santos Aveiro, brother of Juventus footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, on fraud charges, La Repubblica reported.

The company Mussara, which is run by Aveiro, ordered T-shirts with the logo of the Ronaldo Museum (CR7) from the Turin company Pegaso for 500 thousand euros, 150 thousand of which were paid to the intermediary.

Mussara then stated that it did not give permission to produce T-shirts and demanded to stop their production and transfer the already made T-shirts to the company at the cost of four euros apiece for their destruction.

Pegaso says it has received a production permit. At the same time, the company representatives discovered that the T-shirts produced were not destroyed but were sold at the Ronaldo Museum in Funchal for 40 euros apiece. Pegaso filed a lawsuit over this situation, and a case was initiated against Ronaldo’s brother.