The most luxurious cars of the world chef Gordon Ramsay

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We often see the famous chef and culinary presenter Gordon Ramsay driving luxury cars belonging to the luxury car manufacturer Ferrari. In fact, Ramsay owns several other luxury cars that will impress you. Today in Strive, we will introduce you to Gordon Ramsay’s luxury cars.

Chef of Scottish descent

Gordon Ramsay is a Scottish chef and owner of a chain of restaurants around the world. He appeared on several popular TV shows, such as Master Chef. Gordon Ramsay aspired to a football future, but the injury put an end to his hopes, returned to college, and completed a course in hotel management and training with the top chefs in the world. Ramsay owns a large garage full of the goodies and treats of the most luxurious cars in the world. In particular, the wealthy chef owns rare cars such as Ferrari LaFerrari, Alberta, and others.

Gordon Ramsay is a lover of luxury Italian cars.

Gordon Ramsay owns a collection of luxury sports cars, which starts with several very distinctive Italian sports cars from Ferrari, loved by fans of performance and unique European design.

LaFerrari Gordon Ramzey

Its Ferrari range includes the Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari Aperta and Ferrari F355 GTS, as well as the Ferrari F488 GTB and Ferrari F12 TDF.


The English chef has not neglected the elegance of the English and has a special duke of English cars that connects him to his home country. This includes the impressive McLaren Senna hypercar, as well as the impressive Aston Martin DBS Superleggera design and the McLaren 675.


But the superstar chef wants to have some luxury, relaxation, and sometimes total comfort. That’s why he owns a super-luxury Bentley, a British Continental, which feels like an English prince. And given that it is a high-performance GT version, it is like a moving palace with frightening speed.


Gordon Ramsay’s cars also include the Porsche 918 Spyder that offers him an amazing amount of dribbling and sportiness like no other, making it one of his favorite few German cars.


Also, famous chef Gordon Ramsay was seen behind the wheel of Land Rover, his $ 270,000. Actor Daniel Craig was driving the car in the movie Specter, and it was one of ten cars built for the 24th James Bond movie in 2015.