A new shout…a phone with a removable camera

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According to the technical site Engadget, the Chinese company, OPPO, intends to provide its phones with removable and changeable camera units.

According to the registered patent, these phones can be used in an unusual way, where you can hold the camera yourself and take distinctive selfies without the need to turn the whole phone and take pictures that may be blurred.

With this technology, you can also easily develop and update your phone’s camera and acquire newer and more advanced ones.

The patent contains two types of removable cameras, which will be linked to the phone with USB, NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies.

The patent also shows that separate batteries support the camera so that these cameras maintain the original phone battery.

In this way, OPPO will abandon the pop-up camera technology, which it previously invented in its phones to provide enough space for touch screens, with those cameras that can be easily replaced and removed.

Source: Engadget