Investigation on journalist Reham Saeed because Torturing a fox

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Reham Saeed Facing The Storm Again … publicly tortured a little fox and his tears flowing in a scene that hurt viewers.

After the anger caused by the special episode of “Hunting Trips for Wild Animals”, headed by foxes and wolves, the Supreme Council for Egyptian Media Regulation announced on Saturday that the “Sabaya Al-Khair” program on the “Al-Nahar” channel was suspended until the end of the investigations with the broadcaster Reham Saeed, and the channel’s legal representative, after Submit complaints against the program.

It is noteworthy that the episode included animals’ torture, where Saeed appeared with a group of people while they were holding a small fox. They tied his legs, which angered those interested in animal rights. The fox appeared to be tortured, tied, and suffocated until tears shed from pain intensity. The episode also sparked public anger on social media, and some called for the Egyptian broadcaster to be stopped.

In her first comment on stopping her program, Reham Saeed expressed her sadness over the attack she is subjected to and accuses her of torturing animals to attract millions of social media views.

She said through a video clip on her Facebook account: “I was raised in a house with animals, and I had a squirrel, a hedgehog, and an eagle,” stressing that the idea of her trading in animals and that she is humane without mercy is not true, especially from those close to her who knows the extent of her relationship and love for animals.

Reham Saeed also apologized during her message about the scene of pictures of hunting animals that hurt her audience’s feelings, indicating that she is not responsible for this scene in the end. Difficult for filming, I am only going to shoot a wolf and fox hunting trip.”

Also, Reham Saeed sent a message to the public, saying that the fishing method they saw is not satisfactory. She asked, “Why did you execute me? I am not the one who invented this method of hunting, nor did I order the fishermen to do so, and I covered the process with all honesty … Does honesty bother?”

Reham Saeed catches a little fox
Program screenshot: Reham Saeed catches a little fox.

Reham said that she is targeted, and people have been hired against her on social media, adding that the presented program is purposeful and addresses people’s issues. It is a patriotic and honorable program that offers everything useful. Much fine for the animals. ”

Saeed went on: “I apologize for the bad scenes of animal hunting, but there is systematic work against me, and I am stopping; I still have a year and a half in reviewing the program, and I want to present beautiful and purposeful things, and I will try to satisfy the general taste of the viewer.”

It is reported that earlier, the Al-Nahar channel issued a statement apologizing to viewers for the content of the episode and noting that the episode had been removed from its accounts on various social media platforms.

Commenting on the episode by the official officials in the state, Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad confirmed on the ministry’s official Facebook page that Reham Said made several mistakes during the episode, as he did not obtain the necessary permits to photograph a hunting trip for wild animals and hunting a wild animal.

The episode also presented a wrong and unprofessional message to promote illegal actions and behaviors through the use of prohibited hunting tools and methods because they cause harm to animals, according to the Minister, who considered it a clear violation of the laws and customs of animal welfare.

Reham Saeed’s program had been suspended for a year since August 2019, after mocking people with obesity and overweight.