Lebanon: A mother saves her baby from death

The Red Cross medic carries the surviving child of the accident.(Medias)

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A car got on the family car, resulting in both father and mother’s death, the latter of which protected the two-year-old girl with her body, which brought her rescued from the terrible accident.

On Sunday, social media in Lebanon circulated an image that tells a tragic story, where a paramedic with a two-year-old girl appears in the ambulance after her parents died in a traffic accident on Saturday evening.

The surviving child accompanied her parents
Photo: The surviving child accompanied her parents (Social Medias)

The “Yaza” Association, which is active in the field of awareness of traffic safety, published the photo, with a comment that reads: “A picture that tears the eye … the Red Cross paramedic hugs the child who lost her family in a tragic traffic accident yesterday night. Yazza wishes the good people help this child and demands Society facing death causes on the roads. ”

Parents of the surviving child
Parents of the surviving child (Socials Media)

For its part, several local news sites stated that the accident occurred on the Al-Asad Highway towards the south, between a Kia car and a Toyota. The Kia car settled on the Toyota, which led to the death of the father (named Hassan Al-Mas Zinji) and the mother (Noha Hajjar) and the survival of the child after her mother protected her with her body, and the accident also led to the fall of another wounded person.

A young woman commented on the photo, confirming that the medic who appears in it is her brother, Muhammad Ziad Bagar.

It is reported that several users commented on the circulating image, confirming that they are relatives of the child, and that her extended family cares about her, and that she does not need financial support.

Several photos of the terrible accident, of parents and their daughter, were circulated.