Egyptian minor commits suicide after learning of her minor husband’s suicide

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“I cannot live after you…I will die with you,” words that were the last words of the 17-year-old groom, after learning of his minor wife’s suicide following a family dispute, to condemn himself to death, and end his life in grief for his girlfriend who left him during his honeymoon.

The tragic suicide of two underage brides during their honeymoon, witnessed by the Al-Amerat region in Giza, Egypt, where the dispute was not between them, but a quarrel broke out between the bride and the husband’s mother, which was the reason behind the termination of the marriage that lasted less than a month.

According to the stories that came out in the Egyptian press, the story began with a disagreement between the mother of the groom and the bride, who had not yet completed her 16th year; during the honeymoon period, the quarrel between them developed into a clash of hands, so the bride rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the knife, to defend herself. Pushing and pulling, her mother-in-law injured her head.

The bride throws herself from the balcony.

The bride was frightened by the sight of the blood, so she threw herself from the balcony of the house, in the Giza district, and a lifeless body fell, the scene that was terrified at seeing her husband, who came to the spot. He did not hesitate for a moment of jumping, too, from the same balcony, echoing his last words: “I cannot be I live after you …- I will die with you “for his body to rest next to his wife.

Customary marriage

The security services learned of the incident, and after thorough investigations of the police services in Giza, a surprise was revealed in the tragic incident. Where investigations revealed that the two newlyweds are customarily married with family knowledge, since they have not reached the legal age of marriage, as the groom is 17 years old, while the bride is 16 years old, and they were married less than a month ago.

The security forces decided to refer to the surveillance cameras in the crime scene area to determine if they had taken pictures of the moment when the couple committed suicide. Also, the newlyweds examinations’ examinations reveal the presence of a shattered head, a fracture of the skull, and bruises throughout their bodies.

It is worth noting that Egyptian society still suffers from the marriage of minors behind the silence of the parents, and the shame of this is that they do not authorize the authorities to such cases until the husband is followed up if he wants to deny the marital relationship later, especially when they reach the legal age.