Meissen ZX8000 shoes for 1 million dollars auction

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A unique pair of sports shoes designed by sports equipment company “Adidas” and German porcelain maker “Meissen” may become the first shoe of its kind to sell for a million dollars, according to the expectations of the house “Sotheby’s” which is offering it at auction.

In recent years, auction houses have begun to sell sneakers to collectors, but until now, they have offered only examples of collections, even if some of them are limited collections.

From Monday to December 16, the model offered for sale is unique, and Sotheby’s estimated its value at between “one dollar and one million” dollars.

The Meissen ZX8000 shoes inspired the design of this shoe that Adidas offered for sale and was very popular.

Artisans from Meissen painted the shoe and then attached decorated ceramics to the shoe as well.

This athletic shoe is not intended for actual use and therefore cannot be worn.

The design, rarity, and price of this shoe could push the collector’s athletic shoe market to a new stage.

The price record for a sports shoe was broken several times this year, the most recent of which was the sale of the Air Jordan 1 shoe from Nike for $ 615,000 during an auction organized by Christie’s in mid-August.

Sotheby’s, Sotheby’s, online sales development manager Braham Wachter noted, “There is an evolution in the market that sneakers like this are seen as art.”

Nike was the most popular with collectors through its affiliate brand, “Jordan Brand”, which is associated with historic former NBA star Michael Jordan.

As for the vice president of the “Stokes” e-commerce platform, he believed that the auction houses benefit from the emergence of the culture of “sports shoes” and “use it to attract a new audience to its system.”

“These scarce products offered by auction houses only receive the attention of the richest 0.01 percent of collectors,” he asserted, while specialized platforms such as Stokes provide “access to the rest.”

Wachter predicts that displaying other unique shoes at auctions will cause a change in the market. It will push new collections of enthusiasts to enter the market and lead to a different “dynamic” of prices.

And he considered that the auction, which begins on Monday, “constitutes a test”, and the proceeds of this auction will be allocated to the Brooklyn Museum in New York and for its programs directed to the city’s youth.

Source: French press