Britain begins vaccination against Coronavirus…Hancock cries scene

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A historic day in the

United Kingdom; Where the vaccination process against the emerging coronavirus that causes Covid-19 began,

and the vaccination campaign was launched by a woman at the age of 90 years, to be the first woman in the world to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against Covid 19 after clinical research. Attention is directed to 50 hospitals and medical centers in various regions. England received the vaccine from proceeding with the operation.

The British government surrounded the transfer of the vaccine from Belgium to the United Kingdom with much secrecy and security restrictions; For fear of possible attacks against trucks carrying these vaccines, they were transported in trucks without identity to attract any attention. Under security escort, the government also kept the places where the vaccine was stored secret until it reached the 50 selected hospitals.

Since today, the vaccine will find its way into the veins of the British, who have been chosen to be the first to benefit from the

vaccination process

, and it is related to workers in nursing homes for the elderly; Because it records the largest number of deaths from the virus, in addition to the elderly (over 80) who are in hospitals.

In numbers, the government announced that it had obtained about 800 thousand doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and expects 4 million doses to arrive at the beginning of next year, knowing that it is contracting with the company on 40 million doses. Still, the British government has contracted 7 companies that develop vaccines against Corona to get 357 million doses.

Margaret Kennan received the first dose inside the University Hospital in Coventry, to applause from the hospital staff.

Margaret Kennan first woman vaccined agiasnt covid-19

British media quoted Margaret, who will celebrate her 91st birthday next week, describing her as “the best birthday gift I would have ever hoped for

“This dose means I can finally spend time with my family and friends at the end of the year after I’ve been alone for a long time,” said Margaret.

According to the BBC, an older man named William Shakespeare became the second person to receive the vaccine, adding that it was a coincidence that his name was identical to the name of the late British theater and poetry icon William Shakespeare.

The British Minister of Health shared a picture of Margaret Kennan, receiving the vaccine, and wrote in a tweet on “Twitter”: “Huge thanks to the whole UK health team who have made this possible; First patient receives Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.”

Matt Hancock exploded, live after he saw the elderly 90-year-old, Margaret Kennan, and the elderly William Shakespeare, 81, the first two people in his country to receive a Coronavirus vaccine in the world.

With the help of tens of thousands of volunteers and the army, health care workers began to launch a

vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus

, to vaccinate more than 20 million citizens within just a few months. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his happiness with this achievement and said: “With the start of vaccination against Corona, we will defeat this virus.”.”