A strange disease appears in India and worries!

New Delhi (ANI Photo)

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In India, more than 300 people have been affected by worrying symptoms in recent days in the city of Eluru. No explanation has yet been given by the Indian authorities.

The origin of the symptoms of a strange disease still unknown

In the city of Eluru located in the south of the country, it has been misunderstood since December 5. 345 residents suffered from vomiting, burning eyes, dizziness, fainting and even seizures. These symptoms appeared in adults but also in children, causing death. The dead man was called Sridhar and was 45 years old according to the Hindustan Times.

His body after being handed over to the family at first and then passed to the police for an autopsy. Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas, the Minister of Health of Andhra Pradest, Eluru City State, claimed that all the patients tested negative for Covid-19.

Opposition to government criticizes water management

The next day, December 6, water and air samples ruled out pollution or contamination according to the Indian Express. Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the leader of the opposition party, denounces on Twitter poor water management “ It is a shame for any government if it cannot provide our people with basic necessities like water. ‘safe and clean drinking water’

Nara Chandrababu Naidu, chairman of the Telugu Desam Party, took the opportunity to accuse the authorities on Twitter of a lack of transparency: ” The (mismanagement) by the GoAP (Government of Andhra Pradesh, editor’s note) of the incident Eluru stinks of suspicion . The remains of Sridhar, who succumbed to the mysterious illness, were handed over to his family last night. Health officials returned overnight to collect the body for autopsy. What is the GoAP trying to cover up? “. Laboratory tests are still underway to try to determine the origin of these symptoms