Swiss prosecutor Stefan Keller calls for a criminal investigation into Infantino

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Swiss Federal Prosecutor Stefan Keller has recommended that a criminal investigation be opened against FIFA President Gianni Infantino regarding the use of a private jet in 2017.

Stefan Keller was appointed earlier this year to investigate transactions between Infantino and Michael Lauber, former Swiss attorney general.

A statement released by Stefan Keller said he had found “clear signs” that the FIFA president could be “guilty of criminally reprehensible behavior”.

“The extraordinary federal prosecutor has completed the examination of the criminal charges brought against the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, for unfair management in connection with the use of a private jet,” the statement said.

“There are clear signs that the FIFA president has been convicted of criminally reprehensible behavior. However, these facts fall within the competence of the public prosecutor’s office of the Confederation”, continues the same source.

FIFA responded to Keller’s statement, which it said is both “malicious and defamatory”. The global body said it would take “all necessary legal steps” to end the “baseless and malicious accusations”.

The investigative chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee opened and closed an investigation into Infantino’s conduct in August. Criminal proceedings were opened in July against Infantino in Switzerland for relations between the FIFA president and Lauber.

The case centers on undocumented meetings that Lauber and Infantino are said to have held in 2016 and 2017. Infantino has insisted on his innocence, saying the meetings “were by no means secret and certainly not illegal”.