Indiana Jones…Harrison Ford is a hero 5th film

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“Indy” is back! And this time for good! Harrison Ford, 78, will don the iconic Indiana Jones hat once again for the 5 and last installment of the Adventures of the Intrepid Archaeologist, due in theaters in 2022, Disney officially announced, making thousands happy on Friday. of fans on social networks.

“We’re in the pre-production phase for the next and final episode of Indiana Jones. […] And of course, Indy himself, Harrison Ford, will be back to complete the journey of this legendary character, ”Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said at a conference hosted by the Disney group on Thursday. for its investors. The thing had been in the pipeline since March 2016. But Disney, on the other hand, has always remained discreet about the filming dates of this new film. It is now concrete.

Unlike previous episodes, Steven Spielberg initially planned as a director but since relegated to production, will no longer be behind the camera. Instead, it is the youngest James Mangold (“Logan”, “Le Mans 66”) who will be in charge of the fifth installment of the saga, said Kathleen Kennedy.

Shooting next spring

Filming is due to begin in the spring of 2021 for a final release in July 2022. It was in 1981 that Harrison Ford, already famous at the time for his role as Han Solo in “Star Wars”, had taken on the role of Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, edited by Steven Spielberg. A role that has marked an entire generation of film buffs.

Succès mondial, le film avait donné lieu dans la foulée à deux autres épisodes tout aussi populaires, « Indiana Jones et le Temple maudit » en 1984 et « Indiana Jones et la Dernière Croisade » en 1989, avec le défunt Sean Connery dans le rôle du père de l’archéologue., qui révèle les origines du nom « Indiana ».

Un quatrième volet, « Indiana Jones et le Royaume du crâne de cristal », succès financier mais vraiment pas au niveau des précédents opus, était sorti en 2008, toujours avec Harrison Ford.