Get the most expensive international brands at the lowest prices

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What we pay more for clothes does not mean that we will always get the best, because the piece that cost you a hundred dollars you may find it after a month for a quarter of its price.

When that happens, we feel cheated and regret over our unnecessary spending. But what is a trick for you is a golden opportunity for others who know how to buy the same piece from a famous brand at a lower price, and to learn that you must follow these simple steps to seize opportunities while shopping.

1- Certainly, you have noticed while purchasing from your favorite brand that the name on the piece is not the name of the brand, and this is because some fashion houses and brands already have a number of sub-brand names coming out of the same factory and the same parent company with a difference in the name only.

The reason for this is that the largest and well-known name is offered from a piece very few so its price becomes higher, and at the same time, the company produces the same piece over and over again, which leads to a decrease in its price with the same quality but at a lower price. Here you can search for sub-names from your favorite brand to search for them among the ranks of your favorite store – especially during promotions – or search for stores that sell these sub-names themselves and shop from them.

2- If you choose to buy from stores or via the Internet, never buy summer clothes in the summer or spring season (the season of preparation for summer) and buy what you want in the offseason completely. At the beginning of winter, retailers try to provide space for winter merchandise, so discounts start, but wait for the next three steps.

international brands at the lowest prices
Do not let your passion waste your money – networking sites – to seize opportunities

3- Do not rush to buy as soon as the discounts are announced, throughout July and August the stores will continue to adjust their prices, so the offers will increase from 50% to 70% and even to a piece with another for free, even if that is in exchange for you will have to store new clothes for a few Most famously, it is a great way to find valuable clothes at affordable prices.

4- One of the best tips for seizing opportunities at discounts is to buy coats in April, shoes in March, and swimwear in September. But make sure of the return policy in these months because you may not be able to return them as off-season pieces and they will not be able to sell them after that.

5- If you decide to buy clothes in the off-season, you will have to choose classic pieces, such as shirts for women, luxurious shoes with a quiet character, and trousers that are suitable for any time without further adornment, and do not choose any piece of the current year’s fashion.

Shopping sites

6- There are sites that specialize in selling brands with a discount of up to 80%, and you only have to daily follow the latest offers or register with your e-mail to receive all the news, such as The Outnet, Net-a-porter.

VENTE-PRIVEE offers, at the end of each season, a huge discount of close to 90% on women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, accessories, and even household items.

A site like Dress-for-less does not offer discounts of more than 70% only, and unlike other sites, you will not be in a hurry to catch up with the best prices, and through it, you will find the latest Tommy Hilfiger outfits.

international brands at the lowest prices
Do not rush to buy once the discounts are announced (Unsplash)

7- International brands offer clothes and accessories at lower prices on the Internet to provide the distribution, shipping, and supply price in each country, and searching on Amazon is the best and easiest way to get your favorite pieces at a lower price than retail stores.

8 – But the most important advice is not to let your passion spend your money in place of you, because the so-called “Flash sales” sites will make you bankrupt wearing the most expensive brands because they depend on one offer per day at the lowest possible price, and examples of these sites include Adeel, and Gilt Zulily, HauteLook.