Rumors looming … will Apple compete with the search giant?

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Many developers have recently noted that Apple has increased its efforts to develop its search technology due to the focus on its search robot called Applebot – where search robots usually scan website records on the Internet to categorize and index search engine results. Although Apple stated that this is due to the relentless efforts to improve the voice assistant Siri and the Spotlight search engine, many rumors say that the company is on its way to launching its own search engine to compete with Google.

But if that happens, will Apple’s search engine be able to compete with Google?

It is worth noting that Apple’s focus on developing its own search robot also appeared in conjunction with the pressure exerted by the United Kingdom Competition Commission to cancel the deal between Apple and Google – which is estimated in the billions – which stipulates that Google search engine is the default search engine in iPhones. Mit made many anticipate that Apple is on its way to launching its search engine soon.

Apple’s entry – if the rumors are correct – also comes 11 years after the first appearance of the search engine Bing, which is the only competitor to Google search so far, but at the same time, unlike the Bing search engine, Apple’s entry into this market may be Completely different and is likely to lead to a better result, through its application of many factors.

I- What will Apple do to differentiate itself in this market?

1- Resetting the rules of the search engine market
One of Microsoft’s biggest mistakes When launching Bing was to follow the same business model based on Google’s ads, where users enter what they’re looking for. Accordingly, the search engine also displays relevant ads that might interest them.

But in order for such a business to be profitable, you need a very large number of users who are searching, in addition to a large number of advertisers willing to sell to them, in addition to the millions of sites that are scanned by the previously mentioned search robots, where we find that the elements are needed All three together to offer useful search results to the user and bring the right customer to the advertiser.

Bing research

As a result, Google has received billions of dollars in return for matching the appropriate ads with the right users. The more searches you do, the more useful results are, and then the better targeting ads. Bing has struggled to implement this business model, but it has never reached Google’s reach with its search offerings.

However, according to rumors, Apple does not intend to fully implement the previous business model in its next search engine, which will make the competition very intense with Google’s search engine, as we know Apple has focused heavily on user privacy in the recent period, as it raised the privacy slogan first Privacy First Across all of its products, so Apple is expected not to make money from ads in its next search engine. Instead, it can simply sell more of its highly profitable devices and subscriptions to privacy-conscious clients.

2- Apple has a reputation for unleashing great features in its products

When Microsoft launched the Bing search engine, it contained features that Google did not have at that time, such as the Hover Preview feature for search results. The company also claimed that its search results’ quality is the same or better than that of Google’s search engine. However, Bing never outperformed Google’s engine.

And unlike Apple, which does not need to distinguish itself from Google, in fact, Apple’s search results should be good enough to receive the approval of its users collectively; We can see this through the results of the Apple Maps application tas launched in 2012.

Although the application covered a few geographical areas in its inception, it gained a dominant market share of 60% in iPhones in the United Kingdom within less than a year of launch. The same is true for Apple Music, which has become the second-largest music streaming app just five years after its launch.

II- What are the challenges that Apple will face?

By using its own engine instead of Google’s search engine on its devices, Apple will open itself to doors of criticism that will accuse it of monopoly in a variety of markets. It is also likely that this matter will disturb the advertising market, which will be affected by the lack of access to users of Apple devices, as users of Apple devices are highly desired by advertisers thanks to their high purchasing power. Then we find that by the disappearance of these users from other search engines that depend on ads, Apple may lead a fundamental shift in the advertising industry as a whole.

As for Google, its leadership in the search engine market will not be affected by Apple’s entry. However, it will certainly weaken in the face of consumer increased preference for privacy. Given that Google’s business model differs greatly from that of Apple, it is possible that we will witness cooperation between the two companies to integrate together without affecting the advertising industry and to get rid of the monopoly accusations they face in the recent period.